Esports events, Streams, Statistics & Match Betting Odds

Wednesday, 16 October 2019
VARENA Season 2 Regular
iG Vitality
Match Started
04:00 PM CEST
ESL India Premiership Fall 2019 Masters League Regular
King Panda Gaming
Match Started
04:30 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
Illuminar Gaming
0 : 0
06:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
x-kom AGO
0 : 0
06:00 PM CEST
SECTOR: MOSTBET Season 2019 Group Stage
Team Spirit
Match Started
Natus Vincere Junior
06:00 PM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe Group C Round 1
0 : 0
06:25 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
Illuminar Gaming
1.46 2.64
07:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
Nemiga gaming
2.14 1.68
07:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
1.64 2.21
07:00 PM CEST
ECS Season 8 Europe Week 3
Ninjas in Pyjamas
1.83 1.97
08:00 PM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe Group C Round 1
1.51 2.49
10:15 PM CEST
ECS Season 8 North America Week 3
Evil Geniuses
1.17 4.75
Complexity Gaming
11:00 PM CEST
Thursday, 17 October 2019
VKGAME BATTLE OF DAWN Season 2019 Regular
01:00 AM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas Group C Round 1
Team Liquid
1.35 3.25
02:25 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
Riot Squad
1.56 2.37
The Quest
03:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
1.73 2.09
Bushido Boyz
03:00 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
3.10 3.28
Team Lightning
05:00 AM CEST
Asia Challenger League Season 3 Regular
Team Brave
1.64 2.20
Hero Gaming
06:00 AM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas Group C Round 1
Team Singularity
2.11 1.72
06:15 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
Team Rockets
07:00 AM CEST

Learn how to earn through esports betting with!

Many have heard about betting on esports, while not everyone understands what esports betting actually is. To begin with, the net worth of the world’s esports betting market is heading towards 30 billion dollars, and the number of esports betting sites is staggering! That means esports betting in the USA is really worth to give it a try. Especially if you are a fan of video gaming.

The concept of esports betting is the same as if you would wager on conventional sports like football or hockey. But there are plenty of nuances, rules, and specific knowledge you need to learn before you place your first bet on esports. Indeed, people all around the world play video games either against the computer or against each other. There are dozens of super popular multiplayer games where players can compete not only with each other but also with a group of players (against another team).

It’s a whole colossal sector of a betting industry nowadays, with its international events held in top-level venues, competitions, gaming superstars and lucky winners (bettors). In this guide will lead you through all the aspects, secrets, rules, techniques. And this information will help you start online esports betting with the full understanding of what and why you are doing that.

The Bottom Line:

Esports betting has taken the world by storm due to an enormous and constantly growing popularity of competitive video games. The total number of people playing video games on regular basis or from time to time is about 1 billion!

So, what is all the buzz about esports betting? In order to find the best answer to this question, let’s take a closer look!

How does betting on esports work?

There is nothing complicated in esports online betting. You can find lots of instructions and explanations on almost all esports betting sites. Still, it appears that they all are missing the comprehensive and yet easy to grasp guide that covers all aspects of online esports betting. It’s highly important for people who are new to real money esports betting. Because they need to get a clear picture of all benefits, rules, risks and pitfalls of starting to bet money on esports. There are so many questions: is esports betting legal? Is it possible to make esports betting predictions being not a pro in video games? And, after all, what is esports betting at all?

Three main and simple tips

  1. When it comes to esports betting the USA is the leading country on the number of esports betting sites where anyone can place a bet on their favorite team. Just choose among sites to bet on sports and win money.
  2. If you are a newbie to esports betting not having even basic knowledge of it, you should first learn some key aspects:
    • learn the types of the most popular games and pick the game(s) you love and understand the most. It’s important to pick the game you love to watch;
    • find out about teams and upcoming gaming events you’d like to place your bet on;
    • learn everything about types of bets and betting odds before picking a bookmaker;
    • choose the esports betting site, depending on whether you make your esports betting in UK, USA, or the Canada;
    • constantly evolve your analytical skills. Keep reading about strategies and tips to maximize your chances for successful betting on esports.
  3. Choose the esports betting website and make a deposit in order to start cs go esports betting, or any other game you prefer, like League of Legends esports betting and so on. Many USA bookmakers accept all major currencies along with cryptocurrency bitcoin. Typically, you can make a deposit via PayPal or other electronic money transfer systems. After allocating your deposit at a bookmaker you can place any gaming bets on any events available for betting.

The Bottom Line: Learn the basic before making your first esports bet and then choose the right esports betting website.

The most popular and the best esports betting sites are

The website has a reputation of a Number 1 esports betting site in the world. So thousands of gamblers use it as a comprehensive and reliable source of information about all international events, teams, esports betting odds, and so on. If you still don’t know where to watch esports and bet with 24/7 live customer support, is definitely your best choice.

Betway Esports

Betway is offering a large selection of betting types, games, and Tournaments. Along with a highly attractive esports betting terms: new players get 30$ for the first 10$ of real money wager. Along with that players receive 30% match bonus on their first deposit up to 30$ (for some countries it could be up to 150$).


Arcanbet is one of the most popular and respectable esports betting sites. It is targeted for European region, with generous bonuses and incentives to real money betting players. For instance, you can claim a 100% match bonus for your real money deposit up to 100 Euro.


Pinnacle is a worldwide-known esports betting site. It is a place with the best odds and the largest selection of tournaments and games to wager. The best lines among all bookmakers compensate the absence of any bonuses for new players.

EsporBet is a Curacao-licensed esports betting site with a headquarter in London. It is offering UK and United States esports betting on dozens of most popular games. The bookmaker accepts PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin payments.

The most popular games to place your esports bet

So, how do you bet on games that are played on the international gaming events? Each of the most popular games has its specificity, so we’ll take a brief glance at it. We have placed the games in accordance with their popularity (in descending order).


It stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is definitely the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter game for betting on esports. There are two types of CSGO esports betting: betting on the winning team (the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists) or betting on the winner of each Map. You can find in our guide the best csgo betting sites in the USA, UK, and Europe.

League of Legends

LOL is a highly popular game which is a great mix of a Role-playing game with a highly intense real-time strategy (RTS) game. Esports betting on League of Legends gives you the 4 main types of bets: the bet on the Winner of the match, The Kill bet, The Penta bet, and the Championship winner bet.

Dota 2

Dota 2 stands for Defence of the Ancients and the game is the derivative of the legendary Warcraft 3 mod. The game is played by two teams 5x5 and there are several types of Dota 2 esports betting: esports bet on the team that draws the “First blood”, Team to slay the first Roshan, Team that destroys first barracks, First team to get 15 kills (also 10 kills and 20 kills), Total maps over/under, Match winner (and some other types of bets available depending on the gaming event).


A slightly less popular game to bet on Overwatch esports, but still there are thousands of fans who follow every event and make their stakes with passion. It’s a typical shooter game of two opposite teams of 6x6 players. Upon your personal esports betting predictions, you can make three main types of bets: Match Winner, Handicap, and Outright Winner.

Other great games to bet on esports

These are the games that are also popular for esports betting in USA, Australia and the UK with the only difference these games have a somewhat smaller audience and not that intense promotion than games listed above. Still, you can find bet offerings on these games on each major esports betting site.


Hearthstone is a card game with a huge worldwide players’ base (about 70 million players). It’s a card video game between two opponents, or between 3x3 teams (only on big and top-rated tournaments). You can bet money on esports with Hearthstone in the following ways: bet on the Match Winner, Futures Market, Handicap Bets, Turn Bets, and Special Bets.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty (COD) is a first-person shooter multiplayer game with impressive money prizes on its top-tournaments. With COD you can bet on esports in following forms: the match winner market, the handicap market, the outright winner market, and the specials markets.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 (SC2) is a real-time strategy video game with the rapidly growing popularity in terms of esports betting in the USA. You can choose your preferred type of stakes for you SC2 esports betting among available bets: Match Winner, Map Winner, Correct Map Score, Outright Winner.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) is the newest among high-rated video games but it has already attracted millions of fans who either participate in tournaments or make their betting on esports based on their HOTS esports betting predictions.

Understanding general types of esports bets and betting odds

Just like with the conventional sports, esports betting is built on the similar concept with some specifics related to the type of a game. Each game offers several types of bets, while some types of these bets could be available only on the biggest top tournaments. You can read the detailed description of each bet for each game in our specific articles we have placed on

There is a specific term for types of bets you can find while reading different guides on esports betting sites: the betting markets. So, here are the main types betting markets for the modern real money esports betting industry.

Money line esports betting

This is the most common type of a bet where you wager on an outcome of a Tournament, or, as they call it you bet on a Match Win market. This type of a bet is the easiest to understand even if you are a total zero in video gaming. All online esports betting sites in the USA offer Money line bets on all types of games, so Money line is the best option to start you esports betting journey with.

Handicap Lines or spread betting

This is a more complicated type of betting on esports for more experienced players. This bet is offered when the outcome of the match is too predictable as obviously one of the teams has a significant advantage and the spread between odds is too large: for example 1.05 to 6.05. By offering a Handicap Line, a bookmaker can equalize the initial chances for teams to increase the betting interest to the Tournament. Betting lines can be made on the favorite team and on the outsider team.

“First To”

This type of a bet is also offered by almost all sites for esports betting in USA. This bet is used for the games where the player or the team of players have to kill opponents or destroy certain objects, so the first team that has killed the given number of opponents or destroyed the certain object will make your bet a winning one in this particular nomination. On each after-tournament esports betting report, you will see the table with the one or several “First To” winning bets.


You can do your esports betting by placing a bet on a total number of points (the total score) collected by both teams together. Different games offer the different number of scores possible, so you’ll be offered a more specific description of the Total bets right before the Tournament you’ve chosen for placing a bet.

Additional types of esports bets

Prop Bets (Propositions bets)

These are the very specific bets that you place for a specific element of the game’s outcome, like how many kills the team will make in a half an hour, or how many pauses longer than 5 minutes will occur during the Tournament and so on.

Live betting on esports

This is the relatively new type of esports betting (or, as they call it “in-game” betting) where you can take your stages after the game has already begun. This type of betting has a huge advantage in terms of giving you a chance to adjust your bets depending on the current gaming team’s performance.

Esports betting odds

Understanding the betting odds is the basic element of betting on esports. Depending on the esports betting site you are going to wager, the betting odds could be offered in three forms: Decimal, Fractional, and American. In simple words, esports betting odds are simply the expected probability of a Tournament’s outcome expressed in a certain form. For instance, there are two teams that compete in a certain tournament, and the one team is more likely to win according to the expectations and betting predictions of fans. This general expectation will be expressed by esports betting sites (or a particular bookmaker you’ve chosen for your real money esports betting) in the percentage ratio (the UK format), or decimal or American format.

The odds show how much money the bookmaker will pay you if your wager will turn out to be a winning one. Let’s take a closer look and make some calculations:

  • Decimal betting odds (the simplest ones): The odds for the “Team X” against the “Team Y” are 1.70 against 2.60. Your stake is 200$. Now you have to multiply your stake 200$ x 1.70 (for Team X) = 340$. Then subtract your initial stake 340-200=140$ (your pure profit).
  • Fractional betting odds are somewhat more complicated for calculations comparing to decimal odds. These odds are expressed as 9/1 or 7/3. In this case, if you stake 1$ you’ll win 9 dollars plus you initial 1 dollar as well.
  • There are also the special types of odd called odds-on, and you can see them displayed as 3/7. In esports betting that means you have to stake 7 dollars if you want to win 3 dollars. Such types of odds are normally applied only to big international gaming Tournaments.

Tournaments and leagues for esports betting

If you are looking for the nearest major gaming event to place a good bet on esports, you should visit esports betting sites (one of those we have listed at the beginning of the guide) where you’ll find the full schedule of the upcoming international and local events on each game you are interested in.

  • CS: GO Pro League is organized by the Electronic Sports League and E-Sports Entertainment Association and it gathers millions of fans on Tournaments (Valve’s Major tournament system).
  • ELEAGUE is another major league with spectacular events that are broadcasted on North America’s TV.
  • Dota Major Championships are scheduled by Valve and sponsored with staggering money prizes starting from 1 million dollars.
  • The International Dota 2 event is the World Championship with the audience about 400 million fans and a record money prize 24 million dollars.

The full list of leagues and tournaments you will find at esports betting sites.

Best teams to make betting on esports

When choosing a team to bet money on esports, it’s important to learn the previous record of the team’s performance to make up your mind. According to the biggest world’s ranking esports website, the TOP-10 teams for your esports betting are:

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 - is an #1 American esports team that shows unbeatable results in CS: GO, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Overwatch and some other popular for esports betting games. It is currently has a title of a World’s greatest esports team.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan – is an American esports team which is # 2 in World’s greatest teams rank but Number 1 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid – is a Dutch team organized in the 2000 year. Currently, the team has an impressive record of winnings and is ranked#3 of the World’s greatest esports teams.


Fnatic is a UK-based esports team founded in 2004. The team participated and won in dozens of major International gaming competitions. They has become one of the luckiest teams for fans of esports betting.

OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming – is highly professional esports team based in the USA. The organization’s specialization is Call of Duty, CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends.

SK Telecom T1

SK Telecom T1 is a South Korean team founded by the SK Telecom company in 2003 year. The team was formed from the members of former Star Craft Team Orion. is a Russian team of esports competitors that has a huge investment support from the Russian oligarch. So the team shows great results in CS:GO, Dota 2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone.

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming is a Canadian team currently based in Los Angeles. So if you like esports betting in Canada you can place your bet of esports with this team on games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone.

Wings Gaming

Wings Gaming – is a Chinese team that won 9 million dollars in 2016. The best game for esports betting with the Wings Gaming is Dota 2.

SK Gaming

SK Gaming – is a German esports team with numerous titles, while they’ve earned their fame in CS:GO.

How to get started to bet on esports

There is a simple, 5-steps scheme of starting your esports betting if you’ve been captured by the enormous potential for money-making the esports industry offers.

  1. Learn the basics of betting on esports with (lines, odds, types of bets, etc.). And then pick your favorite games you’ll love to watch during big Tournaments. Learn the rules and all aspects of the game to understand what you’ll be dealing with.
  2. Pick your best esports betting site and make a deposit, in accordance with the terms of that particular bookmaker. After the deposit is made, you’ll (typically) be offered a bonus to help you star with esports online betting.
  3. Take a look at the Tournaments schedule the bookmaker displays on its site. Choose the good one for you, based on the game played, the participating teams and the offered odds.
  4. Pick the event, and make your bet, based on the odds and types of bets available.
  5. Find the resource to watch the picked Tournament (live) and keep your fingers crossed for your team!

As you may see the principle of esports betting is the same as betting on any other type of sports.

Smart advice, rules, and tips for successful esports betting

The right sportsbook (bookmaker) is everything.

Make sure your esports betting site does have a license and offer the full range of games to bet on. Also, it’d be great if your sportsbook offers bonuses and a wide range of payment methods.

Beware of the long odds.

Even if those odds look crazily tempting, don’t fall into a temptation to make a bet on it. Especially with big money. Start small and act upon your research rather than your emotions.

Avoid the “double or nothing” strategy.

This is a pretty common strategy that usually leads to a total money loss. When your team has lost and you’ve lost your bet as well, don’t try to compensate the bitterness of the loss by wagering a double stake on the same team or game. Have a brief break (to let your emotions fade). Make a small bet on a completely different game and team.

Choose the game you really love.

It’s important that you really love to watch the game you are going to wager on. The more you are interested in it naturally the more you are involved into learning everything about it and as a result, you do better research, make better esports betting predictions, and get the better esports betting outcome!

Always stay with a cold head.

Bettors who burn themselves out in a non-stop betting rush is a big thing. So force yourself to make breaks between betting on big Tournaments. Your cold head and a clear mind are the keys to successful and long-term esports betting.