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Monday, 21 October 2019
Asia Challenger League Season 3 Regular
Revenge Gaming
Match Started
Immortal Gaming
06:30 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
Team Lightning
Match Started
Neon Esports
07:40 AM CEST
SEA Summit Season 2019 Regular
Match Started
07:45 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
Nightmare Team
Match Started
Neon Esports
09:00 AM CEST
StarSeries i-League Season 8 Group A
Team Vitality
0 : 0
Invictus Gaming
09:00 AM CEST
StarSeries i-League Season 8 Group A
1.35 3.10
09:00 AM CEST
Asia Challenger League Season 3 Regular
Hero Gaming
Match Started
Cobra Gaming
09:00 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
Nightmare Team
2.99 3.41
Punch Gaming
11:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Australia Group stage
SYF Gaming
11:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Australia Group stage
11:00 AM CEST
SEA Summit Season 2019 Regular
11:00 AM CEST
China Dota2 Development League Season 2 Regular
Vici Gaming Potential
11:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Australia Group stage
12:00 PM CEST
Asia Challenger League Season 3 Regular
Team Sincere
2.09 1.71
Cobra Gaming
12:00 PM CEST
StarSeries i-League Season 8 Group A
1.05 10.10
12:30 PM CEST
StarSeries i-League Season 8 Group A
1.92 1.86
12:30 PM CEST
SEA Summit Season 2019 Regular
02:30 PM CEST
ESL India Premiership Fall 2019 Masters League Regular
Reckoning Esports
04:30 PM CEST
Tuesday, 22 October 2019
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
Ben's Anime Team
03:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
Ben's Anime Team
Big Frames
04:00 AM CEST

The Best Database for Esports Betting

Nowadays, esports disciplines got an extremely fast development. Big companies from all over the world invest hundreds of millions of dollars into an industry. Hundreds of millions of people in USA, Europe, China, Russia, and other countries watch esports events and competitions regularly. Some of them are gamers and esports fans. Others just like to keep an eye on modern competitions.

Among all categories of competitive gaming admirers, there are esports betting enthusiasts. With the growth of the industry’s popularity, betting continues spreading around the world. More and more gambling fans start betting on results of gaming competitions.

No matter how much experience you have as a bettor, the first thing you need to win frequently is information. A beginning bettor dares to know at least match schedules, the most profitable outrights, statistics of players and teams. A more experienced gambling enthusiast wishes to get as much data as possible. It is even more comfortable and profitable for them when the information is in one place and has its structure.

That is what offers you except of regular odds to bet.

Most Wanted Information about Esports Betting is the ultimate database for you to check before you bet. The main page of our website can show you who we are at once. Here you can find everything you might need.

Top Upcoming Matches to Bet

When looking for the match to place a bet on, gambling enthusiasts will be happy to see the list with top upcoming matches of today and tomorrow. Here, we show only the best and most expected matches from Premier leagues and Major tournaments.

Moreover, there is the list of bookmakers accepting a bet on the upcoming (or ongoing) match along with their winning outrights. If the match is live, the current score is also there at once.

The separate block of info here displays main ongoing Major events and Premier tournaments. Bookmakers have different odds for event winners and prize holders, and here you see them all compared. Find your most profitable bet right after visiting!

We also like when our visitors are aware of the hottest ongoing events in the world of competitive gaming. For instance, the block of the page shows the most important live stream. In a turn, the “Match of the Day” part displays the most wanted game of the day regardless of disciplines.

And for the final word here, the bunch of information you can get from a single webpage part would be uncompleted without showing you the recent results of competitions.

Best Bookmakers to Place a Bet

Along with the popularity of esports among fans, the competition between bookmakers also increases. As a result, they tend to propose more profitable odds to their audience.

So, our system shows you the block of top bookmakers having the best reputation and preferable odds. Moreover, every user will see top bookmakers from exactly his or her country and check the possibility to accept payments and withdraw funds from cards registered there.

And finally, here is some pleasant news. You can find all the promotional activities, bonus money and other propositions by bookmakers on the same page. Check it and use all the possibilities the bookmaking companies from your country give you.

Yes, our website shows only the data that is relevant personally for you.

Esports Betting FAQ on FPS Games (Overwatch, CSGO)

Newbie betting enthusiasts frequently get confused with different betting lines in esports. Let’s mention and explain the most popular kinds of bets.

Match Winner Bet

Here you bet on the team that you expect to win the match. It is the most common and popular line among esports betting enthusiasts. Sometimes, it is the only betting line possible to place, especially during live events. Still, most bookmaking companies and sites give wider betting options.

Total (More or Less)

In CS: GO, it means the number of maps teams will play total. Depending on the exact format of the match, the line can play or not.

Common match formats:

  • Best of 1 (bo1) – one map. The total doesn’t play in such matches.

  • Best of 2 (bo2) – there definitely will be two maps played in a match. A team can play in a draw or win. The total bet isn’t available in best of 2 matches.

  • Best of 3 (bo3) – the game till 2 victories. That means the match can have total more than 2.5 or total less than 2.5 maps played. And it is the prediction to place a bet on.

  • Best of 5 (bo5) – the game lasts till either team wins 3 maps. Maximum maps per match – five. So, the total is also available here.

In such disciplines as CS GO, the total is the second most popular kind of esports betting.

Other Bets

You can also try to predict the number total rounds during a single map, as well as a handicap (the advantage in maps and rounds one team will have upon the opponent). Along with the precise map score (the exact score of 2:0 or 1:2), those are quite risky bets still worth your attention.

Esports Betting FAQ on MOBA Games (LoL, Dota 2)

Map totals, score bets and traditional winner bets work here just like in shooter games. Let’s see betting lines open only in MOBA games.

Frag Total

It is a playable Dota 2 or LoL bet. Depending on the level of match participants and the game duration, teams can get more or less frags (opponent kills).

Team Total Over/Under 0.5

It means one of the participants will win at least one map. It is one of the best betting options in Dota 2 or LoL bo3 matches. Bookmakers frequently offer too low or too high odds for this bet. Sometimes, they also underestimate underdogs.

Other Bets

The map duration bet: try to predict if the game will last over/under 25 or 30 minutes.

The first tower bet: predict which team will destroy one of the opponent’s towers earlier.

The first Roshan/Nashor bet: one of the most unpredictable bets in LoL or Dota 2. You can’t know which team will become strong enough earlier to slay the strongest neutral monster on the map, so this is an absolute random.

The first blood betting: predict which team will get the first kill of the game.

There are more betting lines from bookmakers, but we mentioned only the most popular ones.

Esports Betting Info by Disciplines

All the information mentioned above is available for the most popular disciplines.

CSGO betting goes here – Counter Strike: Global Offensive is probably the most popular competitive fast-paced first person shooter game. The Valve Company developed the game at the beginning of 2010th basing on the classical gameplay tested by time and millions of gamers since 1999 in CS 1.6 and CS: Source.

Since the day of its release in 2012, CSGO continues gaining new fans and increasing the number of betting enthusiasts. Highly dynamic gameplay and reactive fights between world’s best players are very spectacular. Bettors love adding some spicy emotions into their hobby, so CSGO betting is one of the biggest markets in the industry.

Dota 2 betting – Dota 2 is another gaming discipline by Valve Corporation. The game is officially the most commercially successful MOPA project (and the discipline in general) in the history of esports. The last Dota 2 world championship – The International 9 – had over 30 million dollars in its prize pool. The winner took more than $15 mil. Major Dota 2 events have more modest pools, but they’re big, too, especially when compared to those of other disciplines and events.

Considering that fact, it is no wonder that Dota 2 betting gained that much popularity. Gambling enthusiasts from China, Europe and America continue to bet on the best Dota 2 teams and most interesting matches. is here to provide you with the latest info on results, ongoing and upcoming matches in Dota 2 Major and Minor events.

LoL betting – League of Legends (LoL) is another esports MOBA game. It does not have as big prize pools as its main competitor mentioned above, but has other achievements to be proud of. LoL is officially the most popular MOBA project in the world (it crossed the mark of 100 million unique monthly players back in 2016). League of Legends is well-known among gamers and bettors from Asia, especially in China and South Korea. The community of fans in America and Europe is also big.

The direct game developers and owners from Riot Games always support major events in League of Legends. With such an attention, LoL esports and betting was bound to blossom and bring joy to people.

Overwatch betting – Overwatch is the youngest representative of our top esports and betting disciplines. Released in 2016, it became a proper combination of MOBA and FPS elements mixed into a hot and interesting cocktail. The fresh gaming experience let Activision Blizzard developers add some new ideas and emotions into esports.

Nowadays, Overwatch betting and esports are rapidly developing market niches. Most fans and analysts predict Overwatch to grow bigger within the next couple of years, as the creators try to support their game widely. will keep an eye on the progress and help you stay aware of the changes in Overwatch betting and esports.

In esports betting, there never can be too much information before you place a bet. Nowadays, it is not hard to find the data you need, but the mass of info on gaming industry is big and constantly changing. created the comfortable and well-structured database of information every bettor would find great. Check it every time you decide who to bet on.

Fine, so here you can find where to bet. That’s natural.

What else can we offer?

Esports Betting - Schedule Lists

Our esports schedule includes the list of live and upcoming matches to bet. In case the match is live, we show you the ongoing results in real-time mode. Also, the schedule page includes the following information:

  • Rival teams of every match along with their logos and countries indicated. Know whom you bet on!

  • Tournaments and events. We even have info lines including titles of group stage competitions. It works for every match our website displays.

  • Match time – the date and exact time of its beginning. Our site can show it precisely according to the time zone of your region. That’s comfortable, isn’t it?

  • Live stream broadcasts of ongoing and upcoming competitions along with the available languages to choose. You can watch streams right at the website, without leaving to any other resource.

  • Of course, we show you the most profitable bookmaking outrights to bet on the match. To make the comparison more comfortable for you, we show the proficiency difference percentage between different companies at once. Moreover, the website instantly refreshes the odds even for LIVE matches in case the bookmaker changes them.

On the same page, every user of website can use the sidebar filter to make their betting experience even more straight and comfortable. The sidebar instrument supports the following functions:

  • The filter line to find the team you need.

  • The filter showing only bookmaking companies from your country and hiding all the others. Bet in your currency!

  • The possibility to switch odd displaying system (American, fraction, standard, Hong Kong and percent odds). Choose the one most comfortable to bet.

  •  The filter showing only esports events and competitions of the wanted caliber or level (all, Majors, Minors, Premiers, etc.).

  • The option displaying various betting lines (winner bet, handicap bet, score, round wins, and so on). YEsportsBet wants you to have the widest betting choice of event lines possible. Realize your betting potential. And bet as right as you can!

  • The filter for odds displayed according to the payment and withdrawal options. Choose the payment system you need from the list including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Payoneer, WebMoney, TransferWise, Payza, BitPay, and others. Want to bet bitcoins? Just apply the appropriate filter on!

Along with the general schedule, we have separate pages filtered according to disciplines at once.

Here they are:

CSGO schedule – see the schedule of Major and Minor tournaments, regional qualifications, IEM events and even the smallest and less known competitions in the world of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Don’t miss a single match of your favorite CSGO team!

Dota 2 schedule – The International 10, 11, 12 and more! Major events and Minor competitions sponsored directly by Valve. Tournaments organized in different regions. They are all here, in the Dota 2 schedule list by

LoL schedule – in this list, you’ll find the dates and planned matches of North American LCS, European LEC, Russian and CIS LCL, Chinese LPL, Korean LCK and other League of Legends events. There is a plenty of them to bet on, and almost all of the LoL tournaments are organized and supported directly by Riot Games.

Overwatch schedule – here are matches from the Overwatch League, Overwatch Contenders, Overwatch Open Division and other big or small esports events from the world of Overwatch. With our schedule, you’ll be aware of every game and always ready to bet.

Esports Betting - Results

The page with esports scores contains the list of all matches played previously. The list includes:

  • The esports match score.

  • The game type (bo1, bo3, bo5, etc.)

  • Teams, the event, the game time and the highlighted winner.

  • Icons with the available game broadcast records.

The sidebar filter on esports score pages has the following functions:

  • Filter the list by events (all, Major, Minor, Premier events, etc.)

  • Find the required team scores by its name.

  • Use the calendar and choose the precise date or period to find exactly the esports scores you need.

Our schedule page has also subpages with the separate lists for each game:

List of Esports Teams to Bet on

Our site also offers you the catalog of esports teams with the complete alphabet-sorted list of organizations, the search bar by name and the filter by country.

The same functions are for every separate esports betting discipline:

Additionally, you can visit the page of every team and check its statistics (win rates, KDA ratios, and other metrics important in esports betting), participants (with photos), match history and schedules.

There, we also show all the events the team used to participate in. If the crew took any of top-3 places, the site also displays this information.

Esports Betting - Tournament List

The table of esports tournaments at provides clients with the full specter of information, too. Esports betting is all about planning. Staying aware of the upcoming events means planning your budget and winning big.

The list of esports tournaments includes the info on prize pools, dates, statuses, locations of LAN tournaments. We also display the data about winners after the tournament is over. Of course, users can find the event by its name and filter the list by Premier, Major and Minor competition statuses.

Separate esports betting discipline tournament pages on

Check every tournament you need on to see the list of participants, schedule, location, results, prize pools and winners. There are separate pages with tournament group stages to check and get the esports betting information you need including outrights (odds) from different bookmakers. We added the list of most profitable bets on the tournament winner on top as well.

The page with esports match scores is especially useful for gambling enthusiasts. Here, you choose any two teams you want or need, and see their head-to-head statistics, results, average betting odds and a schedule if there are matches planned. exists to help esports gambling enthusiasts stay posted about any event in the world of competitive gaming of LoL, Dota 2, CSGO, Overwatch, etc. Check our sites regularly and don’t miss a single game of your favorite team!

Have good luck, be risky, and win big!