Esports Tournament`s prize pool or in what way pro gamers earn money

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And today with you as always, your loyal vassal SirAzAzeL. Nowadays world is quite differing from the world that was twenty years ago. The machines almost everywhere and it is hard to have a competition with them.

Machines change natural labor in the factories, offices – all in all almost in every work. So, in what way we are going now? We try to manage our daily tasks to make our life easier, and from this part we need to speak about new professions that existed for the few past years.

It is really hard work to keep in mind a lot of information and have a strategy for every case in our life. For this job will be a good example.

Tournament`s prize pool or in what way pro gamers earn money in the esport

Pro gamers need to work as a team, they need to feel the game atmosphere and try to keep in mind every move of their opponent. Also, it is a days, weeks and years of hard trainings and  sacrificing of their time and power which is the base of the big industry which cold as cybersport.

The history of the prize pools

From the origin of the Esports it was quite difficult to get a big amount of money and only one chance that existed was the first place on the tournament. At that day’s people don’t mind about the cyber sports as a profession, so we can imagine what prizes and pools were.


But, with time has passed it become common that we know a lot of esports players the same as we know the sportsman from for example football. We know Dendi, Miracle-, Zeus and Markeloff and we like to watch their games and streams very much. It is important to have a modern people who give us an example that if you want something you only need some work to get it.

Form the very beginning of the tournaments the biggest prize pools that were when some team wins the first pay was about 50.000$. To tell the truth, for nowadays reality it is a really small amount of money, but for that time it was really amazing to get such a prize. The first earning of pro gamers that I remember was in the far 2010, when Na`Vi win the Intel Extreme Masters. It was really amazing to watch them jumping around and smiling from ear to ear.

For today`s time we need to realize that cybersport as strong as never was before and prize pools changed. Now you can win a big amount of money if you are a lucky team, so it is really easier to get to the top of the pro scene.

Money in the esport

It is hard to imagine for people with old type of thinking how they can get money siting on the one play and playing. But, humanity started to grow in this question and now even if you are not a pro gamer the prizes of the tournaments can be yours.

It is doesn’t matter from what country you are and what nationality do you have, if you play well you will succeed. The people all around the world play and have a success in the gaming because of their strong believe in their dream.

Today’s tournaments can give people who have discipline and ambitions to be great in something good opportunities from the very start of their carrier because of open qualifiers and ingame politic about support of the new players. You can be better than a big number of pro players and reach the highest pick in a sort term.

international prize pool

Now in Esports you can find yourself and help people too. When I boosted some accounts, I tried to give them to good people who really was in trouble and play well but stuck because of the bad teammates. It is important to have a chance to be something more than you are now.

So, what ways of earning money we have in the esports?

For sure we can mention the pro gaming as a most competitive and, for me, interesting way of earning money in the cyber sports. The pool of prizes now is really big, so you can get a lot of money and as addition you will be famous and be able to something more than just material things.

On the other hand, we have streamers who are pro gamers too, but they don’t play on the pro scene. They want to give to people some information about how you need to play to get better and maybe someday get to the top of the tournament and win a prize. It is a very important profession and a large piece of the nowadays industry. They usually earn money from the donations and it is their “bread”.

On the other side of the pro scene it is a good opportunity to earn money on the professional teams. Bets are very popular as in the Europe as in USA. If you have a knowledge about commands and their changes, the trainings of the commands and their stage of trainings, you can easily bet on them on the global tournaments and win your own amount of the prize pool. For the more details go for our homepage and read some interesting information about betting.

Interesting prizes of the tournaments

For some reason with a popularization of the esports the competition exists not only between the competitive teams in the sport you watch, but between the companies of the organization too. It became modern and popular to make a great content for people who watch cyber sport.

For example, on each International in Dota 2 we have a sales and Compendiums that provide us an opportunity to get expensive skins. Also, in Dota 2, when the show of the opening begins it is common to see orchestra or something like this.

The industry of entertainment now is a very large sphere where companies like ESL, Dreamhack and others try to survive.


As for the interesting prizes I can remember that now popular to reward the MVP players of the tournaments. You must not be a player of the team that wins the tournament but just play very well to earn a new can. For example, on the few last TI the MVP of this championship as a prize got a new Mercedes.

Also, it is a honor to take a reward that usually very beautiful between.

The largest prizes in the Esports history

What is the largest salary that you can imagine that usual people can have? I always think that 40.000$ per month is a really big amount, but after I saw the prize pools for the global main events I was amazed. How about 1.000.000$ for a five people per week?

Yeah, it is really annoying that someone can get such a big amount of money just for playing games, but if you think deeply you want be a gamer.

You always need to be on wheels and training about 8 hours per day to be in fit to take first places on the tournaments.

Now you can think want you be a pro gamer or maybe you want to be with your family.

dota arena with biggest prize pool

The biggest prize in the history of the esports was in the Dota 2 and in was for a second – about 25.000.000$ per tournament. It was a main event which cold International and all people was amazed at that moment.

In total we have a very large numbers of the cybersport tournaments total prizes, and it is increases from year to year. For example, in the 2015 the total prizes of all games were about 52.000.000$ and now it is about 80.000.000$. It is really incredible amounts  of money and only one thought that you can be a part of this is exiting.

The wages of the pro gamers

Now let’s speak about the usual wages of the pro gamers that they get between the tournament in the stage of the preparation to get their prize out of there.

It is very popular now to be a pro gamer and earn a good money. Usual salaries are from 1.000$ to 5.000$ in the periods of the preparation for tournaments. The biggest salary in the history have a team of League of Legends in China and it was about 15.000$.

  • Also, some information about the solo earnings of the pro players an some interesting information about them:
  • The highest earning esports like salary was taken by “Kuroky” the pro player of the Dota 2 and he took the amount of 3.626.280$

The highest earning by player under 18 years was related to “Sumail” who is the player of the Evil Geniuses and he earns about 2.720.00$ for a first place on the tournament which cold International.

average esports prize pool per tournament

All in all, we can see that this sphere of modern work is really progressive, and all people can be involved in it. So, get your prizes and have the biggest wins in the history of the esports.

Your faithful vassal,