How to get better in CSGO. Improve your skill and get better aim

Nowadays, it is important how to rank up in CSGO and get better in it. So, to get a good knowledge of training and how to do it, you must read this post.

History of CS is quite long and it began from the game which name was CS 1.6, but to tell the truth, methods of training now are the same. You should be patient and take a deep breath to overcome all difficulties on your long way, but in the end, you will get your aim better and kill everyone only in the head.

Configs to develop skill in CSGO

For the first thing you do when you enter the game is that you try to make all options more comfortable for you. DPI of the mouse, the inversion (if you use so), marker in the center of the screen and all other stuff that will probably help you to get better in CSGO in this game. But unfortunately, some of your option don’t give as much profit as some of options you can manage like it is below, because of several factors.

Gear - Configs to develop skill in CSGO

You can’t move your aim right to the place you want, you can’t turn fast if you need and you totally can’t consecrate – all these problems are common for the most part of players in CSGO. But now, I will guide you to improve your aim skill to headshot every gamer.


So, for the very beginning to get better in CSGO, you should understand the difference between the gaming mouse and the usual mouse you use for everyday needs. The problem is in the acceleration and delay that usual mouses have.

If you have a standard mouse that you should write this command in your console which is in the game:

M_rawprint 0

This command will get better your aim in the way of removing the acceleration and delay on common mouse has as built in option. Interesting thing that almost 97% of pro players turn mouse acceleration off.

Also, you need to choose your own marker, to play more comfortable and better. You can do it by yourself in the options in the game or choose the map with the markers of the pro players. When you load on this map and shoot the marker you like, it automatically will be changed.

The name of the map is “crashz’ Crosshair Generator v2” and you can find it in the workshop. It is really comfortable not even to choose the right marker, but also to try it right on the spot.

How to open console

  • Go to the library in Steam.
  • Click on CSGO.
  • Click on properties.
  • Click on “Set launch options”.
  • Type “-console”.
  • When you open the game, console will be on the key “


There are two types of players. The first one wants to play with the maximum quality of the picture to make sure other people that he or she have a great PC. But on the other hand, we have players who don’t care about the frames and the ratio of the screen at all. They prefer better results to beautiful image.

CSGO Better Graphics Setup

So, to stick to this mind, you must choose what is more important for you – to see the all things detailed or to shoot everything what moves at all.

Pro CSGO gamers choose the second variant and pick the ratio of the screen which is 4:3. As they say, they can easier focus on the game and it is nothing on the screen that disturb your eyes.

Almost the 80% of pro players choose to play with the 4:3 ratio.

The other pro gamers who usually play in comfortable atmosphere at boot camp which is the training base for pro players or at home usually choose 16:9 ratio. In this modification you can be satisfied by the quality of picture.

As for me, in practice I can’t play with ratio 4:3 because of the small field of view. It disturbs me mush more than a lot of details on the ground or anywhere else.

To get your skill better in CSGO you must to cancel all those things that you totally don’t need in the gaming. You can see my and a lot of pro players options.

CSGo Settings to be better


The other very important thing in playing CSGO on the pro level is to hear everything that happens around. You must hear all steps of your enemy and shots that he does, because of prediction of current position of the enemy. It will help you to turn to the side of the noise and be prepared to fight.

To tell the truth, in most cases if you have good headphones it will replace you cheats. You can imagine and think over all the moves of the opposite side. Use it and you will be a little bit ahead of your opponents.

Especially I use this options in console to improve my gaming abilities. You can do the same and I hope it will help you, too:

  • Volume “0.2”
  • Voice_enable “1”
  • Voice_scale “1”
  • Windows_speaker_config “1”
  • Snd_musicvolume “0.04”
  • Snd_tensecondwarning_volume ”1”
  • Snd_menumusic_volume “0”
  • Snd_roundend_volume “0”
  • Snd_roundstars_volume “0”
  • Snd_deathcamera_volume “0”
  • Snd_mapobjective_volume “0”


The other very impactful option that you can use is your map. It is incredibly important to see all the map and know how and where to go. So, I also use some of the modifications on my radar. Try it and you will find them very useful, too:

  • Cl_hud_radar_scale “0.9”
  • Cl_radar_scale “0.4”
  • Cl_radar_always_centered “0”

Devices to Better in CSGO

Every one of us want to have good devices which will make our gameplay easier and help us to be more confident in playing different games. It is true that if you want to be more skillful you need to get that devises, but the difference between “with them” and “without them” can be not as huge.

To get better in playing CSGO it is weighty to find your own devices that will fit personal to you. It doesn’t mean that it will cost as a new flat in the center of New York, but you need time and patience to try a lot of them.

keyboard for better CSGO playing

The things you need for sure are: good headphones to hear all the steps and noise that make your opponent, good mouse which will fit well to your hand and will be comfortable to play, preferable big mousepad for having an ability to make sweeping motions because of the sensitivity of the mouse and a good device for a voice chat to cooperate with your teammates ( if your headphones doesn’t have a garniture).

All in all, the whole computer make sense. The reason is that you need to have a good FPS in the game to escape freezing in the most important moments of the game. You can watch a lot of videos on YouTube to learn how to make your own “monster” which will exactly grade up your game muscle.

CSGO Training

Every CSGO player want to do headshots for the right side and for the left side, but not every CSGO player want to train his or her skills to have an ability to do headshots.

The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of CSGO player is the self-control and discipline. You need to know for sure that you want to increase your rate of skill in the game. To play on a high level you need to train every day or almost three days a week. The training as a physique training in life will provide you new possibilities in the game and in strategy. You will play better at all because of your muscle member.

So, what you need to train your skill to shoot people in their face? First, you should to make a system of work on your skill in different ways that would be discussed below. Then, you need to do it regular and practice as much as you can to feel the difference between your old skill and present.

In this part we will see a useful information about how to train and be better in CSGO. To make it clear, it will be divided into two parts.


Maps is the key that will certainly help you in developing your reaction and base skill to react of the move and shoot in the right way in the right time.

I use these maps every time I play CSGO to warm up my muscle member and play well when I play the very first round of the day. The map is oriented on that factor that you will shoot directly to their head. It will help you to aim only upper part of the body and shoot while you are walking.

These are several maps that I usually use to train this stuff, enjoy:

  • “Training: Bot Aim V4C”
  • “Fast/Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot]/aimtraindriving”
  • “Training Center 1.5c”
  • “Aim Botz”
  • “Training_aim_csgo2”

Also, you can find something by yourself the keyword to find maps like this is “training aim”

Other secrets to be better in CSGO

Games to improve reaction in CSGO

The alternative warm up for me is other games which require skill of reaction and coordination. In these games you can train your self-control and the reaction on the incoming information.

The game which I use is OSU. It is a musical game which provides you a better skill of “clicking” then a lot if others. You can choose your favorite music and listen to it in the same time with practicing your movement ability.

Finally, there are a infinity of the difficult songs which will make your brain and hands suffer, but instead of it you will get a good warm up and a good emotions.

Life benefits from getting better in CSGO

To make you sure that your time will not be lost in the trash bin, I give you some benefits that you will get out of this activity. To tell the truth, everything we do is not for nothing. If you want something as hard as you can then the skills that you get at the time of preparing will help you in your life. All that reaction on which you spent a lot of your time will be developed and you will have this skill along your life.

If we speak about me and other players that have a high level of playing skills, we don’t complain about our waste time because it is not a wasted one. You start thinking in another way, you are more disciplined as you were before, and you can react on anything immediately. Also, if you develop the skill of playing CSGO better than you can now, you can even earn some money busting account as I did.

Finally streaming is quite popular nowadays and you can use your personal skill in cooperation with a good voice and charisma to make your channel popular. A lot of modern streamers earn about 5000$ per moths, so you can join this people.

The dream of every gamer was to play in the professional CSGO matches and earning money such as Fnatic, Na`Vi, Virtus Pro, Ninjas in Pajamas, and if you have a great discipline and ambitions you can rich this goal and make your dream come true.

Be patience and Play hard & Try hard. I wish you a great time with improving your skill of playing this wonderful game.