Do skins make you play better?

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Today with you your loyal vassal SirAzAzeL and we will make a little research about the influence of skins in different games that are exist nowadays.

That is really great when you can individualize all stuff that you have in the game special for you. In today’s world, it is common to company to have an individual approach to every client of their industry. They try to involve as much people as possible to their community.

So, let’s have a short interruption in the company’ life and understand why they produce skins and what influence does in make on us? You can find answers for these questions in this blog. Enjoy reading and have a good day.

What the skins are?

Let’s have a brief study of what the skins are. In total, we can say that it is another texture, which can be involved by a code of a game. It is give you a possibility to see you character or weapon in another way. Therefore, you and other players of the game will see you in the game in another way.

Usually, you can buy skins in the market inside the game or to get them on the in-game events. You can buy skins for a real money by the way of donation in the game, or for the in-game currency. For example, you can donate and buy skins in Dota 2 or CSGO or farm them in the game. But, all of us understand that it is more difficult because of the percentage of the dropping of items at all.

All in all, skins can be some kind of currency. On some sites you can bet or change your items on items of another people. It helps to involve more people to community of the game. Also, it can be some kind of encouragement of people’s plying the game.

How much can you spend on skins?

To tell the truth, nowadays politic of the games can provide you a chance to spend as much money as you want for in game life. You can buy everything you want to be better in game. You can buy skins, special privileges in the game or something which will help you to rank up. For example, you can buy Dota Plus which, for the mind of creators of Dota 2, will help you to choose right characters or to buy right items while you are playing. For the mind of the pro players it can help you a little bit, but you mustn’t rely on this privilege, because of you need to learn to play by your own. Only in this way you can develop your skills.

Here you can find great guide about grow your skills in Dota 2 and CSGO.

stattrak dragonfire

All in all, you can spend all your salary if you want to get a lot of skins. To tell for sure, to buy something for your favorite weapon or character will cost you from 10$ to 5.000$. It depends on the skins you will choose for them.

What games are there with skins?

It is very important to have a possibility to manage the view of the character that you play a lot. You can change almost everything by using skins in different games. In some games these stuff can give you not only the change of view of your weapon or something like this, but also it can change the view of animation.

League of Legends

So, in what games you can meet skins and what they change?

First of all, we need to remember such game like CSGO and a infinity amount of skins on different weapons. You can customize everything you want until to gloves you use in the game. You can choose all skins by your own and make a good view of your character, but the cost of some devices can reach the price in 2000$. So, be careful with your wishes.

Also, you can find other games with skins such as Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Don’t starve together and others.

cs go rifle skins

On the other hand, we have a game such as Dota 2 in which there is a second infinity of skins you can use for your favorit, and not only, hero. In this can you can purchase not only a skin, but also a customized animation of skills and other movements like blink or teleportation. You can choose every from bracers of your hero to his or her weapon. You can create some kind of Gandalf out of Keeper of the light or admiral out of Kunkka.

Dota 2 Skin

The last but not least is League of Legends. In this game you can create skins by using shards. These shards you can get fighting in the middle of the battle or to donate in the game. This skins will make you to feel like another hero and make you a good feeling like you are special.

Why companies want to produce new skins?

All we need to survive and have some kind of profit. In the way companies such as VALVE producing skins and other creative decisions or making bit Updates such as 7.20, they involve people in their game and have money out of this. All in all, they try to have a profit by the way of giving people a chance to be special or not the same as others.

Also, by making new skins they try to make their game popular again. All we see that Dota 2 suffers from lack of players. And VALVE tries to solve this problem.

Have you a possibility to create your own skin?

The dream of every painter who play some kind of game such as Dota 2 or CSGO is to create their own model of weapon they like a lot. For example, they would like to create a new skin for a knife or AWP.

Creators of the game provide a possibility to make your own skins in the place such as “Workshop”. In this place you can imagine that you are a part of the global international company and create your own skin for your favorite weapon or hero.

CSGO skins

It is important to give people a chance to make their dream come true. There are a lot of interesting ideas there which sometimes such companies as VALVE take and fulfill. Every man or a woman that creates something can be a lucky one and be chosen by this company.

How skins influence on your game?

To tell the truth, the most interesting thing that could be in this situation is the influence of skins on our playing.

What really make you to play better? To analyze my thoughts a year ago, I thought that there is only one thing that really help you to play well or help you to grade your skills on a higher level. In this case, this thing was trainings. I had trained a lot because of my dream to become a pro player in different games and have a possibility to beat anyone who gives me a challenge. I don’t think about the factors that influence on us not only in the game. Something that can really have a power of influence, that can make us play better and enjoy this playing.

Navi CSGO rifle skin

Skins in total can give you an opportunity to satisfy your playing and make the time of training more cozy and comfortable. It can provide you to train with a good emotion. In conclusion, I want to say that it is a very important thing to not make your playing a routine because of more painful loses, when you try to do something, but your team don’t want to do the same. Try to be calm and not react on them.

The most rare and beautiful skins?

If you asked me what the rarest skin is or the most beautiful one, I will not answer to you because of the different tastes of the people. Someone like purple dinosaurs, and someone like monkeys. We can easily say that there are 7 billion of tastes on the Earth. In the WorkShop you can see a very beautiful skin that were made by people with same, in something, tastes with yours, but you want to change a little thing in that design and all in all in will be another skin.

Therefore, if we have some idle in the modern models, we can mention the same in the industry of skins. Someone likes to share their view with others and we can mention some of the most popular skins in the different games.

First one will be CSGO and here we have the skins of weapons from knifes till AWP, so the most popular skins are:

  • AK-47 | Vulcan

CSGO AK-47 Vulcan skin

  • AWP | Dragon Lore

CSGO AWP Dragon Lore Skin

  • AWP | Asiimov

CSGO AWP Asiimov Skin

  • Karambit | Marble Fade

CSGO Karambit Marble Fade Skin

The second one is the game which is legendary and skins in it are very popular nowadays, Dota 2:

  • Mallet of Sacred Light

Dota 2 Mallet of Sacred Light Skin

  • Mantle of the Cinder Baron

Dota 2 Mantle of the Cinder Baron Skin

  • Codicil of the Veiled Ones

Dota 2 Codicil of the Veiled Ones

  • Basher of Mage Skulls

Dota 2 Basher of Mage Skulls

My own experience

To my mind and experience, skins is a great chance to people make something by their own. More comfortable to play with your customized hero which you buy and collect by yourself. It will help you not only to enjoy your playing but even proud of yourself because you made something beautiful. It is a unique character all over the world and the difference between counties and cities is huge.

Also, it will give you a motivation to play more and learn out of your play, because when you play more you have a chance not only to watch a beautiful skin, but to develop your skill.

Make your choice and complete your own view of the heroes or weapons, enjoy your play and reach the highest picks.

Your faithful vassal,