7.20 Patch Dota 2 – What New?


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

My name is “SirAzAzeL” and this is the Yesportsbet website blog about the esport. I have a good experience of playing and busting, so I can give you some useful information about how to play these games. My current MMR in Dota 2 is 6400 and I have a rank of Supreme in CSGO, also I played about 2 thousand hours in overwatch and I have a legend in Hearthstone. All in all, I know how to click on the keyboard and mouse.

This blog is about the changes, which came with the Dota 7.20 Update, and my opinion about this patch is that ICEFROG had made a totally new game. The global rework of heroes, totally reworked map, new items and new mechanics – all of these things will be covered by our blog.

We don’t know where to run, or the changes of map in Dota 2 Update 7.20

So, the first thing that your eyes catch is the reworked map in Dota Patch 7.20. Everyone like old map, but ICEFROG wanted to change everything in this Update. We can see that comparing with old one, this map is more flat and the key positions like bounty runes, camps with neutral creeps were replaced.

If we start to talk about the lanes and the caps at all, we can find that it becomes easier to farm jungle if you are on the mid position (Especially if you are for the Dire side), which means that heroes like tinker, stormspirit, alchemist and others will feel more comfortable on the lane. Also, it will be more comfortable to farm at all because of the new position of the trees. It will be easier to control bounty runes because of the high ground with the both sides of map.

A little surprise for you to know how to stack new camps. All the changes you can see on the GIF file below.

Something new in Dota 2 7.20 Update.

Holy Locket

We can see new items which will perfectly work with a new and old skill. We will see the Holy Locket for sure on the pro scene because of the new changes of Dazzle. Now his ulti gives him a 50% cooldown reduction with give you an opportunity to heal your teammates faster + the passive of the Holy Locket gives you a 25% increasing of all your healing and regeneration. So, what would we get is the faster cooldown of the Shadow Wave + 175 healing instead of 150. All we know the winner of the TI8 – Puppey and his preferences to games on Dazzel, so we will see this and a lot of other heroes on the pro scene in the role of healers. (Omniknight, Alchemist, Warlock e.c.).

Kaya&Sange&Yasha in Update 7.20

The Kaya was the really amazing thing for the last patches and a lot of midlane heroes (Casters) usually want to buy this artifact. But now, when you can grade it to Sange And Kaya and Yasha and Kaya it would be more useful. The stats that can give you these items will be quite good, especially if you won`t to sell Kaya. A lot of Lion players now can be seen on the midlane, because of their new mechanic of the ulti which provide Lion more magical damage. With new items it would be much more strong.

Kaya&Sange&Yasha dota 7.20

Did they kill them??? Killed heroes in 7.20?

The life of the several heroes is in danger. ICEFROG nerfed heroes that people play a lot in the patches before Dota Update 7.20. The meepo players now crying because of changes of the stats which was decreased in the Patch 7.20b. The main difference with the last meepo was that his passive was changed and now it heals all meepo in amount of 20 health when he or his clones hit the enemy. On the one hand, the decrease stats were really annoying for most part of the player, but the new combo with Luna + meepo will provide him almost 70%-win rate for the last 2 days.

New Luna passive now gives everyone the main stat (of the certain hero) instead of damage. The main trick with meepo is that passive of Luna works on the main meepo and he shares this stats with his clones, in that time clones take a one more buff.

To conclude, the push strategy is now really amazing with this two heroes, so you can push T3 on the 7 level of your heroes.

The second life of Dota 2

New update 7.20 gives a second life to such heroes like Chen, Trent, OgrMagi and Lion. And now I want to speak about the most “Imba” hero of this patch.

OgrMagi was a really strong support or 4-position, but now he was reworked. The main thing that’s changed is that his ulti – Multicast, now work with items that can be used on the enemy (Offensive item). The trick is in that this multicast also spread on Hand of Midas which provide us the 4X multicasts which gives us the amount of 800 GOLD !!! Also, if you are a lucky guy, you can wait for a multicast on the such items like Hex, Dagon and Rod of Atos,which will perfectly destroy the enemies.

Play hard and check other changes that was given to us by IceFrog and let’s take the highest rate together.

Your loyal vassal, SirAzAzeL