Esports Predictions Rules

Any person aged 18 and over can publish predictions for esports matches to earn our virtual currency (Y.Coins) that can be converted to real money and withdrawn ($1 = 100 Y.Coins). Any website user can write or read predictions for free.

Publish Your Esports Tip

  1. Only registered users can publish their predictions (Sign Up).
  2. Enter the match page (1). Choose your predicted winner (2). Write a reasonable comment to prove your point.
  3. It is impossible to delete or edit the published prediction.
  4. The number of Y.Coins you get after the match is over can be found on the appropriate page (3).
  5. Users can publish predictions only for planned (upcoming) esports matches (4). In case the match is live or it started while you’d been writing a tip, you won’t be able to publish your prediction.
  6. The minimum prediction post size is 120 symbols.
  7. The user can add only one prediction per every match.
  8. In a description, you need to write why you give exactly that tip (5). Express your thoughts, prove the viewpoint with statistical data, analyze team rosters, their current mood, etc.Yesportsbet predictions rules - publish tip
  9. Messages making no sense, carrying no substantial information, expressing the user’s emotions or written only for the symbols amount needed are NOT ALLOWED.
  10. NOT ALLOWED to copy own tips and modify them (rewrite text, changing teams names, etc) for adding lot of typical comments without any useful information.
  11. The use of strong language, publishing messages of violence, racial, national, religious or sexual discrimination and abuse is FORBIDDEN.
  12. The use of web links or brand names with advertising purposes is FORBIDDEN.
  13. Prediction posts should carry the evidence of a choice made by the particular user. The message cannot be a copy of another user’s prediction or contain texts copied from another website.
  14. The number of predictions the user can write per day is unlimited.


  1. The breakage of rules will cause the clean of a prediction post by the moderator. The user will receive a penalty of 100 Y.Coins and his account will be blocked for 24 hours. In case the rules violation becomes regular, the user’s account will be BANNED and deleted without the possibility to receive payouts.
  2. Blocked tips stay in users account statistics, but you can’t earn Y.Coins using them.

Get Y.Coins

  1. Prediction results are processed automatically within several minutes after the final match score becomes known (6).
  2. For the user’s comfort, the result will be visible in their personal profile and match page.If the published tip was correct, the user earns the appropriate quantity of Y.Coins added to the account balance.
  3. The number of Y.Coins varies from one match to the other and can be found on the appropriate match page (7).
  4. If the prediction was wrong, the user loses 100 Y.Coins. The overall balance can’t fall below zero.
  5. If the match ended up in a draw, no earnings or losses happen.Yesportsbet predictions rules - publish tip

Please check the example table below:

Tip № Match Tip Result +/- Y.Coins Y.Coins Balance
1 FURIA vs beastcoast FURIA win FURIA win +27 27 (0+27)
2 Natus Vincere vs Cyber Legacy Cyber Legacy win Cyber Legacy win +432 459 (27+432)
3 vs HellRaisers win win +87 546 (459+87)
4 Modus Unity vs Team Spirit Team Spirit win Team Spirit lose -100 446 (546-100)
5 Team Liquid vs OG Team Liquid win Draw 0 446 (446+0)

Convert Y.Coins into Real Money

  1. Choose the comfortable withdrawal method and required wallet data in your profile.
  2. On the 1st day of each month, all Y.Coins you last month earned get converted and withdrawn to your payout balance. You can’t lose them after a carry, even if your predictions will be less successful in future.
  3. To get the payout, you need to have 2000 Y.Coins and more on your balance. Meanwhile, if you couldn’t earn the required number of points within the past month, they’ll be saved and transferred until you get the sum required to receive a first or next payout.
  4. Use withdraw button in your account to request payment.
  5. Available withdraw methods (setting in user account): Paypal, Skrill, Neteller.

Here is the calculation example:

Month Y.Coins (Month) Y.Coins (Total) Y.Coins (Payout, 1st-10th day)
January (user registration) 2675 2675 0
February 782 3457 (2675+782) 2675 = $26,75 (2675>2000 Y.C.)
March 1350 4807 (2675+782+1350) 0 (782<2000 Y.C.)
April 2705 7512 (2675+782+1350+2705) 2132 = $21,32 (782+1350>2000 Y.C.)
May 312 7824 (2675+782+1350+2705+312) 2705 = $27,05 (2705>2000 Y.C.)

Bonuses and Referral Program

  1. Every user can find a unique PROMOCODE in their profile. Use it to invite friends to register on the website.
  2. When someone enters your PROMOCODE during the registration, they get 1000 Y.Coins on the balance at once.
  3. As a referrer, you will get 5% of all Y.Coins earned by your referral without time limits (lifetime payout).
  4. In case a referral makes wrong predictions, you won’t lose your Y.Coins. This means, you get 5% only from successful tips made by the user you referred.