Dota 2 Main Events, Live Stats and Betting

Tuesday, 24 September 2019
Masters Tournament Season 1 Regular
Hero Gaming
Team Ethereal
06:00 AM CEST
Masters Tournament Season 1 Regular
Team Sincere
Cobra Gaming
09:00 AM CEST
Masters Tournament Season 1 Regular
Revenge Gaming
Team Varanid
12:00 PM CEST
Thursday, 26 September 2019
Masters Tournament Season 1 Regular
Hero Gaming
Team Varanid
12:00 PM CEST
Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1 Regular
Team Unknown
All In Gaming
11:00 PM CEST
Friday, 27 September 2019
Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1 Regular
Vicious Gaming
01:00 AM CEST
Saturday, 28 September 2019
Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1 Regular
Incubus Gaming
11:00 PM CEST
Sunday, 29 September 2019
Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 1 Regular
All In Gaming
01:00 AM CEST

Brief intro into the game for successful Dota 2 betting

Dota 2 betting is a huge thing nowadays. It’s the next generation game, the derivative of the legendary Dota that was released in 2011. Since then hundreds of Dota 2 betting sites shower bettors with more and more attractive odds, offering the spectacular Tournaments with the chance to earn real money (and big money!).

In order to place a Dota 2 bet you’ll need to pick a Dota 2 betting site and make a deposit with real money. You’ll be offered dozens of types of bets to place so you’ll need to get at least some basic knowledge about the game itself. Dota 2 is watched by millions and played live at the most prestigious venues in a presence of thousands of spectators. By wagering on a winning team, bettors can earn on the same level as fans who bet on conventional sports like football, tennis, and so on. Stay updated about the schedule of esports Tournaments with and we’ll provide you with tips and advice for making your Dota 2 betting decisions successful. It needs to be said that Dota 2 is quite an unpredictable game with certain risks that have to be taken into account while placing your Dota 2 bet.

Dota 2 is a MOBA type of game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), where Dota stands for Defense of the Ancients. The game is played by two teams that consist of five players: one team plays for a light side (the Radiant) while another team plays for the dark side (the Dire). Each team has its own base (an Ancient) on the “map” and it has two global tasks: to defend own base and to destroy the base of an opponent. Throughout the game, players can earn gold, buy and collect things that increase their strength and capabilities in certain aspects. There are several key heroes where each one has its unique appearance, type of strength and weaknesses. The most powerful neutral creep is Roshan (or Roshan Immortal) that empowers his killer with a super strength for several following minutes. Killing Roshan gives a huge advantage to a team on its way to destroying an opponent’s base.

Types of bets for Dota 2 online betting

There are two groups of Dota 2 bets: classic and additional. Almost all major Dota 2 betting sites provide fans with both types of bets.

The classic bets include:

  • The bet on a winning team. Your bet will bring your real money if your favorite team wins the entire match.
  • The bet on rounds’ winners. You wager on a team that wins certain rounds during the entire game’s match.
  • The total number of killings by both teams together.
  • The Handicap bets (also Asian Handicaps). This type of Dota 2 betting is used when there is a too big gap between too teams in terms of team’s strength and performance in playing the game previously. In order to “equalize” the chances and make Dota 2 lounge betting more interesting for bettors, many esports Dota 2 betting sites give odds with additional initial points to the weaker team. In this case Dota 2 betting prediction becomes not so obvious and there is a chance that bettors who place their Dota 2 bet on a weaker team can eventually win money.

The additional types of bets include:

  • The first blood bet – it’s the bet on a team (or even a member of the team) that makes the first killing in a game.
  • The first team (or a member) that destroys Roshan (the strongest neutral creep in the game). It’s a very popular type of Dota 2 betting, so it’s a guarantee that you’ll be offered this betting market at major Dota 2 betting sites.
  • Dota 2 betting on the number and duration of pauses throughout the game.

Major Tournaments for esports Dota 2 betting

“The International” is the biggest and the most popular tournaments for real money Dota 2 betting so far. The International has started in 2011 and now has the largest money prize about 20$ million. All betting sites for Dota 2 offer this market first hand, so you can start with this match without a doubt. If you want to start with the smaller tournaments, visit your favorite Dota 2 betting site and find the list of available events. You’ll typically be offered to choose from the following matches:

  • Dota H Cup, ESL One, Galaxy Battles, Dota Series, Starladder I-League, DreamLeague, PGL Open, The Dota Summit and some other events for Dota 2 betting.

Even local Dota 2 matches gather thousands of fans and the money prize is never smaller than 200.000$. Along with fans Dota 2 tournaments attract numerous sponsors (including the largest international corporations).

Place your Dota 2 bet for a winning team

The most successful teams allow their fans to earn the hell of money on correct Dota 2 betting prediction. That is why is vital to know the list of the esports teams that show extraordinary performance in Dota 2 competitions. Here are the TOP-5 strongest world’s teams to place your Dota 2 bet on:

  1. Team Secret is currently the strongest team in the world in Dota 2. It’s the European team formed from members of three glorious teams: Natus Vincere, Fnatic, and Alliance.
  2. Team Liquid is a number 2 world’s team which is initially from the Netherlands. It’s a strong team to make a Dota 2 bet with an extraordinary performance (some still think Team Liquid deserves a #1 position).
  3. Newbee is a Chinese team that takes the third position in a Dota 2 ranking.
  4. ViCi Gaming is a very strong team from China with millions of fans who make Dota 2 betting for ViCi’s victory earning millions just like their favorite team does.
  5. Virtus.Pro is a Russian esports team with astounding results in biggest Dota 2 Tournaments and total earnings $5,661,758.

The best bookmakers for Dota 2 betting

Betway Esports

It is the leading Dota 2 betting site with the largest international audience of bettors. Like other major Dota 2 betting sites, Betway Esports gives its client 30$ bonus for the first 10$ wager, plus 100% match bonus for your first deposit (up to 30$).


This international Dota 2 online betting service is registered in Curacao. Pinnacle widely known for its best odds and the largest variety of bets offerings (esports, casino games and conventional sports as well). This Dota 2 betting site doesn’t offer deposit or sign-up bonuses to bettors.


Make your first Dota 2 bet with Arcanebet and get unprecedented 150% bonus (the amount can’t exceed 150 euro though). The bookmaker is targeted at European audience mainly. If you seek for live esports betting Arcanebet can be your best Dota 2 betting site.

This bookmaker is only about esports. So you can make safe and reliable Dota 2 betting along with betting on all variety of esports available for international bettors. This esports Dota 2 betting site is regulated by Malta Gaming Authority license.


Thunderpick Dota 2 betting site is somewhat different from betting sites listed above. As bettors here play (make their bets) against each other rather than against the bookmaker itself.

How to make a winning Dota 2 betting prediction

First of all, don’t rely too much on the results of the team’s online performance. Because it’s a totally different thing to perform the same great in front of a few thousands of spectators. You’d better take a look at team’s previous record of tournaments. Also, it’s important to know who the coach of the team. He is the key element in analyzing team’s gaming strategy and its chances for eventual success. Furthermore, if you are serious about your Dota 2 betting prediction and are going to earn real money by betting on this game – follow your favorite Dota 2 teams on social media to stay aware about possible team’s members’ replacement that can affect the result of the team. Also, by following your team you’ll be the first who’ll get the news about possible shifts in the matches schedule and so on.

The summary of the Dota 2 betting guide

Esports betting industry offers a really impressive variety of games to make a bet, but probably nothing beats Dota 2 in terms on the beauty of graphics, the number of unique heroes and creeps, and the clarity of a game’s logic. It’s a highly involving and spectacular game to watch. So by placing your Dota 2 bet you not only get a portion of excitement and adrenaline, but also a great enjoyment from watching live Dota 2 Tournaments.