Overwatch Match Betting and Live Odds

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All about Overwatch betting online

Thinking of making an Overwatch bet to earn some real money? Read this guide before doing it to get the full picture. Overwatch betting offers a diverse set of options, as the game itself is complex and bets are not made on just the winner of the game. Due to Overwatch being a highly popular game, the volume of world’s Overwatch betting is staggering, and money prizes on major Overwatch Tournaments reach millions of dollars. Yet, compared to CS:GO or Dota 2, Overwatch is quite under radars in esports industry. If you’ll take a look at Google’s most popular searches about Overwatch, you’ll be surprised about the number of blogs and guides on how to bet uprising legendary in Overwatch or where to find the full list of Overwatch betting lines, and many other aspects of Overwatch betting. Overwatch competitive betting is built on the same concept as any other conventional sports or esports betting: make your predictions, find the best odds, and place your Overwatch bet on the team you think will win the match. It’s as simple as that. Now, let’s dig deeper into the game and all its aspects to get prepared for real money Overwatch league betting.

Brief intro into the game to make successful Overwatch bet

Overwatch is the first person battle arena game where two teams compete in a variety of missions. The game has four Overwatch league modes. Each mode is designed differently, with different maps and the different number of players supposed to compete in each team. Before starting the game players choose heroes with specific abilities and strengths. Where each hero belongs to one of the four groups: offence, defense, tank, and support.

Escort mode

The aim of a team is to move and deliver the payload to the specific point as soon as possible. The speed of the movement depends on the number of players that stand in the area (the more players the higher the speed). In this mode the Overwatch betting is aimed at one of two teams that managed to deliver the cart to the base.

Assault mode

Here you can place an Overwatch bet on one of two teams that attacks and defends certain points on the map. This mode is the most intense in terms of action.

Hybrid mode

It is a mix of modes where the dominant mode is the first-person shooter battle. Teams are capturing points and eventually the Hybrid mode transforms into the full-force Escort mode.

Control mode

Teams are competing for having control over certain sites on the map. You place an Overwatch bet within the control mode on the team that wins two out of three battles.

Types of bets on Overwatch league

Overwatch bets could be placed in two formats:

  • bets on fantasy teams;
  • wagering on real teams that participate in Tournaments.

So, how to bet better at Overwatch, without diving too deep into long guides, instructions and lessons from experienced bettors? The key is to choose the best Overwatch league betting odds and the proper type of the Overwatch bet that suits your expectations and matches your level of game’s knowledge. You can choose to place an Overwatch bet whether on a match’s winner or on a winner of series of rounds within a particular Tournament (for instance the best team in 3 series). Some bookmakers may offer specific and exclusive betting markets on Overwatch. Like first kills, or a player who collects the biggest number of items in shortest term, and so on.

Tournaments where you can place an Overwatch bet

There are 8 types of Overwatch league events you can find Overwatch betting lines for:

  • Premier Events: Overwatch World cup, Overwatch APEX, Overwatch League – Inaugural Season, Premier Series, Overwatch Pacific Championship and some other events.
  • Major Events: Overwatch Contenders, Saudi Regional Tournaments, Overwatch Team Story, Overwatch Rumble, TaKeOver, Overwatch PIT Championship, Overwatch Carbon series and so on. Along with Major Tournaments there are yearly, monthly, and weekly matches that vary depending on the location.

If you want to make an Overwatch bet on minor events, or Qualifiers – look at the full list of Tournaments at your esports bookmaker’s website. Overwatch Premier Series matches are held in the different countries. While the betting on Overwatch is available from any place of the world through the online sports betting sites.

Best bookmakers for Overwatch betting


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The leasing Overwatch league site which is represented in every country. Pannacle has all official licenses and permissions as well as money protection guarantee.

Betway Esports

It’s a highly popular Overwatch betting site with the very generous bonuses like 30$ bonus for the first 10$ wager. Above that, Betway Esports give 100% match bonus after the first real money deposit is made.

William Hill

The bookmaker offers remarkable betting odds on all types of esports (and conventional sports) disciplines – Overwatch, LoL, CS:GO and other. The betting site gives you 30 GBP in free bets on your 10 GBP wager (a promocode is needed for new customers).


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Thunderpick stands out of a crowd among other esports betting sites. You can place your Overwatch bet with Thunderpick against another bettor or a group of bettors, instead of against the bookmaker itself.

How to make Overwatch betting predictions

Overwatch betting predictions are built on the same principle and analysis as other esports betting predictions. There are two main rules: before making your first Overwatch bet – know your team and know the game itself. Without the clear understanding of the game’s structure and concept, you’ll act blindly and you’ll only rely on a pure luck. The most successful esports bettors usually specialize on one or two games (from dozens of esports games), learn them thoroughly including learning everything about the leading teams that show the best results at these games. Follow your favorite team on social media to know every possible replace in a team that can affect the team’s performance. Only in this case you Overwatch open bet has all chances to bring you good money on regular basis.

The summary of Overwatch betting

Overwatch betting differs from betting on other esports due to some essential differences in game’s structure. In short, your Overwatch bet is somewhat less predictable. Which from the one side is quite risky, but from another side is more interesting and exciting (and gambling and betting is all about excitement after all!). There are hundreds of specific communities and forums dedicated to Overwatch league betting where you can get valuable tips, advice, and guides on how to make your Overwatch betting successful in terms of winning real money.