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League of Legends (LoL) CSGO Schedule & Match Betting Odds

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League of Legends Match
Tuesday, 07:00 AMCEST September 17, 2019
League of Legends Match
Tuesday, 11:00 AMCEST September 17, 2019
FunPlus Blaze
FunPlus Blaze vs SDX Gaming LDL 2019 Summer Season
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League of Legends (LoL) Betting Guide – Best Sites, Odds & Strategy

League of Legends betting has gained extraordinary popularity as the game itself. Hundreds of bookmakers offer LoL betting because of the game’s popularity among the multi-million audience of fans and players who like League of Legends gambling. Just try to imagine the size of this industry! Money prizes of major League of Legends Tournaments reach tens of millions of dollars. So, it’s a great opportunity not only for players but also for fans that make a profit out of League of Legends betting predictions.

According to statistics, an estimated amount of esports betting, including betting on League of Legends, will exceed $23 billion by the year 2020 and that fact speaks for itself. Nowadays, the esports industry grows, and we should use this fact to get some additional income. If you know some information about teams, you will be able to place a good bet and become a really rich person.

On our site, there are some key aspects you should know while making your League of Legends betting decisions:

  • The actual position of the team on the global ladder – It will help you to know the winning ability of the team you want to bet on.
  • The previous score of the team against their opponents – It will show if their strategy works well enough to defeat their enemy.
  • Matches this team played previously – latest results are indicators showing the shape players of the League of Legends teams have at the moment.
  • News from the web – It will help you understand the current situation about reshuffles and recent changes in professional teams.

Core Information About League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games all over the world.

It belongs to the genre of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, which dominated the world of esports in mid 2000s.

esports betting on lol

There is a competition between two teams in which there are five players having different in-game roles. The main goal of each team is simple: to destroy the enemy Nexus – a building situated in the opposite corner of the map, on the base of opponents. Teams need to make it through the defensive objectives (turrets) situated on three different lanes: top lane (top), middle lane (mid), and bottom lane (bot). Also, between lanes there is the jungle: the area with minor (blue and red Buffs) and major (Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron Nashor) objectives.

There are such player positions as:

  • ADC (AD Carry) – a player who deals the most of physical damage in teamfights. Other teammates usually protect this one. Starts the laning phase on the bottom lane.
  • Support – the player who helps his ADC during the whole game: saving, healing, warding and other activities giving the core player an opportunity to dominate the lane and destroy enemy towers. Plays together with ADC, stands on the bottom lane during the laning phase
  • APC (AP Carry) – usually stands on the middle lane and tries to deal with the mid laner of the opposite team. In the middle of the game, APC could try to help ADC feel more comfortable on the lane through ganking the bottom lane.
  • Top – on the top lane, there usually stands tank. The top lane player tries to outplay the enemy tank by farming minions and trying to win the duel. Also, tanks are to provoke enemy players to use abilities and make them concentrate on killing the top laner while the friendly team has space to win the teamfight.
  • Jungler – one of the main positions. A good jungler is able to change the game and turn it for his team’s side. Gains XP and gold in the jungle and then tries to gank all lanes possible. Has to outplay the enemy jungler.

In League of Legends, players have more than 120 champions (in-game characters) to pick for the game. Each champion has its unique set of abilities and is able to play a certain role in different team strategies. Developers support League of Legends regularly by introducing new champions, reworking existing ones, adding new items and experimenting with the in-game balance. You’ll never see two identical LoL matches. Every game is a unique experience. That is why it is so interesting and exciting to bet on League of Legends.

Fans and bettors watch and place bets on League of Legends events: all existing International Tournaments, major and minor events are broadcasted live on our site.

LoL matches are of the greatest events all over the esports industry. A lot of interesting and impressive moments happen during the tournaments. Also, the betting system increases the gambling player’s interest in the match. Below you’ll find the description of all available types of bets to place on League of Legends betting sites. Also, we’ll give some tips on how to bet on League of Legends with the online bookmakers’ sites and give you a pack of the best ones.

Which Bets You Can Place on LoL

There are different options which to choose when it comes to placing bets. In every game, there are different prediction types for you to pick. Here are wagers gamblers choose in LoL betting:

1. Match

  • Winner of the match
  • Total Maps
  • Corrects Map Score
  • Odd/Even Maps

2. Map

  • First Map Winner
  • Second Map Winner
  • Map Total Kills Odd/Even
  • First Map Team to Draw First Blood
  • Second Map Team to Draw First Blood

3. Total

  • Total Map Over
  • Total Map Under

4. Handicap

  • Map Handicap

5. Dynamic

  • First Map Team to Draw First Blood
  • Second Map Team to Draw First Blood

Major League of Legends Events

Esports tournaments are the events that bettors await the most. They are about big ambitions, the competition of the best players all over the world to watch on your own and even feel the spirit of esports. Millions of people all over the world wait for these competitions to start every year. So let’s see most popular events in League of Legends:

Major League of Legends Events

1. LCS Format

LoL Championship Series is one of the events of the year which are loved by all professional and non-professional gamers. There are two series for you to watch during the year – Spring Split and Summer Split.

2. LEC Format

League Europe Championship is a very popular event which got its popularity with time after gaining the European community, too. Different regions try to show their skill along with long fights viewers watch their screens.

3. LCK Format

Championship of Korea is the most creative and innovational league in history. On each tournament, there appear extraordinary plays and interesting in-game decisions. Sometimes, they totally change the League of Legends experience of gamers all over the world.

4. LPL Format

LoL Professional League is a cool event which shows all the growth of this game and gives viewers and gambling players a chance to see all professionals in one team.

5. Rift Rivals

People from all over the world wait for international LoL events, and Rift Rivals is one of them. Amazing battles between Korea and China, North America and Russia occur in the Fields of Justice. All the countries want to win in this bloody battle.

6. Mid-Season Invitational

It is one of the biggest worldwide tournaments oriented on regional teams. The great battle for a prize pool of nearly 1.000.000$ is the Mid-Season Invitational tournament. Professional games here change the world of professional gaming and deliver new feelings about the League of Legends game to everyone who likes watching and betting on it.

7. World Championship

The global League of Legends event means a competition between the best teams from the major regions all over the world fighting for the biggest prize of over 4.000.000$ and getting the highest rank in the ladder for the next years.

Many sponsors and international corporations provide organizers with funds for such tournaments. It is possible to watch events on our site, as millions of spectators (fans of esports) will see their AD live.

When it comes to minor tournaments, hundreds of League of Legends matches take place all over the world. Every esports LoL betting resource, including our site, provides readers with the full list of tournaments in each country.

Top 10 League of Legends Teams for 2019:

Top 5 League of Legends Betting Sites

The question is – where to bet on League of Legends to make sure the bookmaker is trustworthy and reliable?

Here are the TOP-5 international esports betting websites with the spotless reputation:

1. EGB.com

EGB.com is probably the best League of Legends betting website now in 2019. Easy registration, easy betting, instant cashouts, and qualified customer support officers are at your service. Regular promotions and a developed bonus system will only improve your betting experience.

2. GG.bet

GG.bet is another great LoL betting website offering gamblers great coefficients, all the necessary analytical information and in-time help. A comfortable navigation and website optimization bring additional profits: you don’t need to wait for long when a wish to make the bet appears.

3. Betway Esports

It is the leading League of Legends betting site with the largest international audience of bettors. Like other major League of Legends gambling services, Betway Esports gives its client 30$ bonus for the first 10$ wager, plus 100% match bonus for your first deposit (up to 30$).

4. Arcanebet

Make your first LoL bet with Arcane and get an unprecedented 150% bonus (the amount can’t exceed 150 euro though). The bookmaker is targeted at European audience mainly. If you seek for live esports betting Arcanebet can be your best League of Legends betting site.

5. Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a world-level LoL betting service that is registered in Curacao. This website is widely known for its best odds and the largest variety of bets offerings (esports, casino games, and conventional sports as well). This League of Legends betting site doesn’t offer a deposit or any sign-up bonuses to bettors.

How To Bet on League of Legends Matches?

Pick any LoL betting website (a bookmaker) you find reliable and go to the page with the list of League of Legends tournaments. Note that in order to start real money match betting you will need to fund your account via any preferable money transferring system: bank card withdrawals or electronic money payments.

After you fund the account, pick the Tournament you’d like to wager on. Look at the teams that take part in the Tournament and pick your favorite one – the team that will do best in this Tournament on your opinion.

Your bookmaker will show you the odds that mean the general bettors’ expectation about the performance of two competing teams taking part in a particular tournament match. In our main article, we explained how to understand odds. Make your League of Legends bet decision and wager the amount you are ready to put into it. Then, pick the type of a bet from “markets” available by your bookmaker: a bet on a winning team/player/first blood, etc.

All major Tournaments are broadcasted online and on TV. So, watch the entire game to get the additional portion of adrenaline!

Some LoL betting sites offer Live betting as well. It is possible to make LoL betting even after the game has already started on such websites. Now keep your fingers crossed for your team!