How to grade your skill and be better in Dota 2


Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

As always with you your faithful vassal SirAzAzeL and today we speak about the greatest theme of the Dota 2, to my mind. We will try to find the answer on the most common, but the most difficult question of this game – how to be better in it and how to grade your skill to win in games.

With this guide you will perfectly develop your understanding of this game and you will be able to predict almost every move on the map of your opponent. Read hard and take as much information as you can to be the best in this game.

Introduction how to get better at dota 2

I play a lot in Dota 2 and now my rating is about 6500 MMR, so I understand this subject pretty well. I will share with you of my most part of my knowledge to make your Dota 2 skill better.

Options to play Dota 2 better

First thing that you should do is to make the game comfortable and useful for your style of playing it. This part is focused on the main attributes that all pro gamers and I use in this game. You will see everything you need to succeed in you play.


This option can be changed for the preferences of the individual player and the productivity of the computer. You should notice that you need a high FPS and low ping to play better in Dota 2. It is really important to see everything with a normal frame rate.

If you will have a bad low FPS your paying will be like watching cartoons of the 50`s, so it is unreal to see spells and moves of your opponent and your movements sometimes too.


Another problem is that some of the players try to play with the standard configurations of the options. To be better in Dota 2 you need to make your game comfortable in the way of changing options for yours customizes. For example, you need to change binds of the keys to play Dota better and even have a better reaction in the game. It will totally increase your skill.

Tastes are differ and you can choose every key by yourself but some of the most known pro players play Dota 2 with such options (Other you can choose by yourself):

Configs to play dota 2 better

Configs to play dota 2 better

For some reasons you need to change the options to feel more comfortable while you are playing. As for me, I like to play on Tinker and I usually disable the attack to hide myself while I use “March” in the forest and to concentrate on the game.

minimap dota 2 config

One thing that you should know that these binds don’t work if you not learn them. Try to read and understand every option that you choose and try to imagine how it will help you in the game.

interface dota 2 config to play better

Quick casting

This option is very important one because of time you can lose in the usual way. This option work as a momentum activation of the skill you use in the place where your cursor situated. It helps you to not lose the time while you click on the button, choose the area and click it again (If the spell needs it).

The opportunity to safe your time is the best opportunity because time of the game is limited, and it is good to do some things such as farming as fast as you can.

To make skills and items with quick cast you need to make the key binds in the tap “Quick cast” in your options in the game. If you want, you can combine the usual variant with the quick casted. As for me, I use 2-3 slots of the items in the usual way to have an opportunity of double tap. For example, travel boots etc.

It is comfortable to make an instant move with Blink or play some items instantly like Dagon and Hex.  It saved my life in a big amount of games for sure.

Dota 2 as a game and how to understand it

Congratulations, the first steps of grading your skills are done. But the next point that we must reach is the understanding of the game you play at the moment and grade the skill to make your decisions while you are playing.

The way you choose in the game is the most important part of the game in total because of the way you must change your behavior and the mindset you must make for your own win.

Dota 2 as a game and how to understand it

Such things like role in the game and places you need to be in the right time with the right items will make your game easier and clearer because for the first time I player this game I was totally lost in the map and I just ran around the trees or something like this.

For the next two paragraphs I will show you the common mistakes and the way you can consecrate of the game and win in the most part of cases. So, keep calm and try to manage your game time on the map as good as you can to win it.


The first thing you should know is how to manage your game and play Dota 2 better, movements and behavior on the map that you are playing. The macro things in Dota 2 to is the key to be better in it because of this importance of fights and farming.

Macro is about your decisions at all along the game, like you are decided to go to help your hard laner, you stay in the jungle and start farming or you want to purchase the wads and place them in the direction you know that will be good for them and you will see everything in that radius.

It is really easy to understand, but the most number of players just don’t stick to this plan. They are trying to solve every problem that their supports have if they are carry or they want to fight because they think that they are very powerful. I`m afraid to say it, but they are wrong.

Let`s complete our vision of the game on the macro level and try to make our play better in Dota 2. So, what we need to win the game? The answer is really simple, you need to destroy the enemies` towers and the throne. What you don’t need is that you don’t need to kill all their team again and again. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait until you will have 100 slots. It is a common mistake when some people want to fight and lose all their advantage on the map.

Dota 2

If you are a carry hero, you need farm as much as you can and be safe as much as you can for becoming more powerful. It is normal when you won`t to participate in all fights (especial in the early game) because you need farm to win late game.

If you are a hard laner, your main aim is to make a life of the opponents carry as worst as it could be. You need to make pressure on him and try to not die on the hard lane. If you did everything good – you will be better in this game for sure.

If you are the support, your main target is a preservation of your carry hero and make his life a little bit easier. Try to take some of the hero of the part below to make sure your carry will be fine. Also, you need to help other lanes if it possible and make a good impact into the game you play to get better and more skilled at all. Don’t forget about warding and dewarding the key points on the map. Play safety, but sometimes you need to sacrifice your life to safe the core hero.

In total you need to change your behavior on the map and feel the time when you can farm and when you can fight and kick the faces of your opponents. This key point will help you to rank up and be better in this game.


Micro level of the Dota 2 is more complicated, but you also need to know how you can variate your decisions while you are playing. For example, of the micro level of the game you can imagine the items you choose to buy or some mechanics you use to increase your productivity in the game. Also, you need to manage your movements around the map to minimize the loss of time.

The best case you can have is that you everything doing good and your team win the match, but sometimes the micro decisions you do are the key of the victory. You need to know all the skills and mechanics in Dota 2 to win easily. So, make sure you read and try all the spells until you will play ranked matches to be better in the game while you play for your MMR.

Mind games before you start or how to choose better hero in Dota 2

There are about 120 heroes in the Dota 2 and to be better in it you need to be ready to play before the match will begin. The choosing of the hero for the match is one of the keys to win and have such an easy game. There are a lot of core heroes and every hero have a counterpick, so it would be quite useful to know what heroes is more playable than others. Below you can see some number of the heroes that would be good in the most cases and you can use them almost in every game. Also, I will put description about cases you better to use them to grade your skill.

Pull of Dota 2 heroes

Pull of the heroes is the number of heroes that you play well. Usually people name them as “signature heroes”. You must choose some of your favorite heroes on each role and play them as much as possible to get better in Dota 2 games. Don`t be afraid to pick different heroes to learn more. Some of the most playable heroes in the Update 7.20 I will give below with a little description.

Pull of Dota 2 heroes fo better play

Safe lane

On the safe lane usually, we have a core which cold “carry”. You should understand that if you play carry you need to “carry on the game” and the greatest amount of the responsibility will be on yours shoulders. You need to farm as much as possible and know macro level of the game as good as micro. To be better in Dota 2 you need to play safe, so you need to know the location of the enemy. Wards will help you to deal with this issue. Make sure you can escape from the fight in the very beginning So, here are some of the better heroes for carry role:

  1. Slark
  2. Void
  3. Luna
  4. Anti-Mage
  5. Juggernaut
  6. Phantom Assassin

Mid lane

Usually mid lane is the hardest one because of the responsibilities of being one v one with the enemy mid laner and if you lose, in the most cases you will lose the game then. So, I recommend to not to try mid lane for the first time. Watch a lot of videos to grade your skill and be better in Dota 2. Here you are some of my and not only mid laners:

  1. Tinker
  2. Zeus
  3. Lina
  4. Invoker
  5. Storm Spirit
  6. Ember Spirit
  7. Huskar

Hard lane

If you are not sure you can play on the main role like mid lane of safe lane, you can always go in hard lane. It is a little bit easier because you don’t need as much farm as carry but you also need it. So here we have a trouble because you need to make enemy suffer and be a “tanky” one, but you still need farm. So, here is a difficult situation when you need farm but, in most cases, you will not have it. You need to jungle and not to die from the enemy hero. Play careful and everything will be OK. Nowadays, new meta is that you go double hard and make a life of the enemy on this lane as bad as you can do. It is really fun to tank everything and make a support and his or her carry suffer. Here you are top of my favorite hard laners:

  1. Centaur
  2. Bristleback
  3. Brewmaster
  4. Lich
  5. Undying
  6. Underlord
  7. Axe


If you can sacrifice yourself for a life of another person (in the game), then this role belongs to you. This is a really important role for a win in the game. You need to help everywhere and try to save as many heroes as you can. Also, you need to help your carry to be more powerful and don’t still his farm at all.  Of coerce, you need gold for placing ward and dewarding, but you need to find places of farm without your carry near. It is a hard role but in the most cases if you are good you will win. So, make Dota 2 better and don’t be shy to take support. Here are my favorite supports (Yes, I like to play supports, too):

  1. Ogre Magi
  2. Lich
  3. Dazzle
  4. Bane
  5. Crystal Maiden
  6. Rubik

How to farm better in Dota 2

The main recourse you need to get all items and be stronger in Dota is a gold. So, if you want to buy something you need to get gold. Where you can do this???

How to farm better in Dota 2

First aim of every carry is to farm as much as possible around the map. You need to farm on the lanes. In the jungle and you need to farm enemy heroes too. All in all, you need to manage your way of farming to maximize your productivity and your gold to but the key items that you need to win.

Second key they you should know is that you must but items to increase your farming along your run. These items are BattleFury or Malestorm. There two items will help you to farm more than you can without them. All because of the number and speed of farming creeps in the same time. With this Artifacts you will be better in Dota 2.

Third key is a knowledge about mechanics of the creeps like the time of spawning or the rate of health the creep need to be when you last hit him to earn gold. Here you are some of the timing that we discussed in our blog about the Dota 2 Update 7.20 and the global changes and top strategies in it. Also, here you are some information about the spawning of lane creeps for being able to farm jungle.

map after dota 2 Update 7.20

Lane creeps spawn on 00:00 and then spawn every 30 seconds, so you have a “Time window” in 10-15 seconds to farm jungle.

Main strategy in Dota 2 to be better

So, to be better you need some kind of strategy that will help you to win faster and have easy games. This strategy really exists and only one thing that you should do is to farm as much as you can for the first time. The main concept of Dota 2 is to push all the lanes and then take Roshan and finish. As a consequence, we need to have a good farm which you can do for sure using the “strat” of farming that was mentioned.

Main strategy in Dota 2 to be better

All you need is manage your play in the way to deal with heroes and have a chance to push towers. Remember, that if you destroy the tower, money will get all your team. Also, you need to control bounty runes for giving your team a little boost and have a gold overweight. It is important to have a plan for the game like: “I will push the towers because I am a sniper and can do it from the big range. Also, I can easily defend high ground and I can kill every one of the lane because of range”. Also, in this case will be good to counter pick someone. If enemy team have some melee heroes that will suffer from you on the lane time like Ogre Magi, then it will be more beneficial for you.


The most complicated question in Dota 2 is “What to buy as an item for this game???” But the answer is simple – you need to buy situational. The items can be really different and depend on the preferences and needs of team relative to core in the game.

Crimson Guard Dota 2

The example is good and easy, if you need to farm more you must to buy BattleFury or Maelstrom, if you need a safe you must buy Black King Bar or something which have stats like Yasha, Sange or Dragon Lance.

But it is really hard to understand what stats you need to buy. Then it depends on the situation that you have. If you need silence – you need to buy Orchid Malevolence and then grade it into BloodThorn. Then if you need some HP and stun – you need to buy Basher and then Abyssal.

You must variate your pack to be more useful in the game. In this case only practice will help you to understand what you need in every game. Also, you can watch a pro plays of the gamers.

Analysis of your Dota play

Another common problem of the Dota 2 players which interferes them to be better is that they don’t analyze their mistakes that they did when they play. They just rush games with the dream to become a pro gamer. They hope that skill will come to them and knock in their door. Unfortunately, it is not so.

You need to find your own mistakes to grade your skill and be better in Dota 2. Try to rewatch your games and find something that was wrong. It will help you to bypass all the problems and make your game more satisfied. You will make a note that your progress is much bigger than it was before. It is a very useful tool to really be better in your Dota 2 play.


Fortunately, we can develop our skill in different ways. Usually new players that come to community of Dota 2 need a lot of skills to manage their play.

What we can do to increase our skill?

What we can do to increase Dota 2 skill

  • First of all, we can simply play a lot of matches to manage the understanding of the Dota 2 and skill on the micro and macro level. We need to build our skill about last hitting creeps and develop the speed of farming at all.
  • In the case of the last hitting creeps you can try the training apparatus in the Dota 2. The creators made a simulator of last hitting creeps, so we can easily make a training in it.
  • Develop your skills and have fun in this wonderful game. See you soon in the new world of interesting information.

Your loyal vassal,