LGD.int vs Neon Esports – Huya World E-sports Legendary 2020 – 02-06-2020

Dota 2
01:15 PM Tuesday, 02-06-2020
LGD.int and Neon Esports Compare
LGD.int Southeast Asia
Neon Esports Philippines

LGD.int vs Neon Esports Tips

Complete No Bets
Complete No Bets
+356 Y.Coins | Bet 5 hours before the start on LGD.int
F lgd loose to fanatic i think they will through their limits on this game i hope they will win on this fight so i hope for the best of them

LGD.int vs Neon Esports – 02-06-2020 – Dota 2 Match Description