Esports Schedule

Wednesday, 16 October 2019
VARENA Season 2 Regular
iG Vitality
Match Started
04:00 PM CEST
ESL India Premiership Fall 2019 Masters League Regular
King Panda Gaming
Match Started
04:30 PM CEST
United Masters League Season 2 Qualifier 3
Match Started
06:00 PM CEST
OMG Cup Season 2019 Regular
Team Unique
Match Started
06:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
x-kom AGO
0 : 0
06:00 PM CEST
SECTOR: MOSTBET Season 2019 Group Stage
Team Spirit
Match Started
Natus Vincere Junior
06:00 PM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe Group C Round 1
0 : 0
06:25 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
Illuminar Gaming
0 : 0
07:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
Nemiga gaming
0 : 0
07:00 PM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 Europe Group stage
0 : 0
07:00 PM CEST
United Masters League Season 2 Qualifier 3
Syman Gaming
2.02 1.76
Copenhagen Flames
07:20 PM CEST
ECS Season 8 Europe Week 3
Ninjas in Pyjamas
1.83 1.97
08:00 PM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Europe Group C Round 1
1.51 2.49
10:15 PM CEST
ECS Season 8 North America Week 3
Evil Geniuses
1.17 4.75
Complexity Gaming
11:00 PM CEST
Thursday, 17 October 2019
VKGAME BATTLE OF DAWN Season 2019 Regular
01:00 AM CEST
ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas Group C Round 1
Team Liquid
1.35 3.25
02:25 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
Riot Squad
1.56 2.37
The Quest
03:00 AM CEST
ESEA MDL League Season 32 North America Group stage
1.73 2.09
Bushido Boyz
03:00 AM CEST
Red Star Cup Season 2019 Regular
3.10 3.28
Team Lightning
05:00 AM CEST
Asia Challenger League Season 3 Regular
Team Brave
1.64 2.20
Hero Gaming
06:00 AM CEST

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To make right bets and win a lot, it is important for bettors to plan their budget and choose the suitable moment to place the bet. esports schedule page serves to let you know about the upcoming esports events beforehand.

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Today & Upcoming Esports Games Calendar offers you the esports schedule of all possible events in the world of professional gaming. Here you can find the list of DotA 2 & CS: GO Major Tournaments, The International, League of Legends Worlds, LCS, LEC, LPL, Overwatch League games and many other important and wanted upcoming esports events.

No matter if you are an experienced betting enthusiast or a newbie who only started discovering this exciting world, our website exists to keep you posted about esports schedule plans and changes in timing. You’ll never miss a match of your favorite team or a game you decided to bet on. Esports live score changes and direct broadcasts on are here to let you dive into the strongest emotions and fantastic excitement of betting.

Esports Live Score List

Our list of esports live games gets refreshed on purpose, so you always see relevant results and sudden match situation changes, even if you don’t have the opportunity to watch the live stream for some reason.

In addition, choosing the particular match from the esports schedule list on the website will lead you to the separate page with the current game score and recent results of both teams. To win in betting, one needs to analyze the match in complex, and our pages are designed to provide you with all the necessary information.

Esports Calendar & Betting Tips

By checking the data available on the website, you can easily analyze the in-game situation, the shape of teams playing the current match, and conclude their chances to win the game. Your bets become much more solid when you pay attention to:

  • Current win rates. The win rate percentage shows the overall performance of the particular team. It is the best measure of their current preparation level, individual skill, tactical and strategic decisions, and of course, mentality. Obviously, the team which is more successful throughout the season or tournament has higher chances to win in current and upcoming esports events.

  • Recent esports results. By analyzing esports live score and recent results of certain teams, you will understand their current shape much better. Even the team with the highest seasonal win rate can face troubles with teamplay, synergy or mental state of separate players. When the particular bunch of players starts losing games systematically, this fact undoubtedly is the signal of inner troubles. And as a result, bettors should think twice before betting on such a team, even if it is considered to be an undisputed favorite.

  • Head-to-head stats. These also are important numbers. The particular esports organization may have excellent results but lose to the certain opponent regularly. Noticing such dynamics in esports live score lists, you can try predicting the winning bet more easily.

Some additional factors and tips to analyze when watching esports live games and planning the betting schedule:

  • Individual skill levels and features of players. Professional esports gaming industry consists of organizations, and organizations depend on personalities. In addition to excellent in-game skills and reflexes, modern players need to have their signature moves, special tricks and unique game perception to stay on top of the pro esports ladders. The incredible level of mechanics is common among the top gamers in the world, but their personal qualities make them best of the best. For bettors, it is helpful to know what a certain player can do and how their teams can use their abilities. Predicting the esports live score of the particular match becomes much easier with this knowledge.

  • Most frequent strategies. Does the team like to play quick rounds or do players tend to slow the tempo down and play defensively? Do they rely on teamwork or great individual qualities? Which team’s strategy is more likely to help them win the particular game in their esports schedule? When you know answers to these questions, you understand the game itself deeper, and can predict not only the result of one game, but even the whole tournament or league season.

  • Mentality and mood of teams. Monitoring the esports organizations’ social media pages, profiles of their players and latest news will certainly help here. The information they publish shows how well players and coaches are “tuned” for the esports live tournament or the separate game.

Your Database of Upcoming Esports Events

With, bettors keep up with the world of today’s professional esports. Check the esports calendar available on the website regularly to avoid missing a single event on your favorite game or a match of your beloved team. And of course, always be ready to bet and win big after analyzing all the data available on our site.

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