Heroes of Dota 2 (Strength)


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Today with you as always, your faithful vassal SirAzAzeL. We need to know basic features of every hero in the game such as Dota 2 to play well and be more successful in ranking up your game profile. That`s why we present to you core information about every hero in this game and some interesting things that you can use in the game.

Furthermore, we will show you some guides for some heroes later in our blogs. So, read it and try to understand this information. This will lead you to the greater place in the ladder.

It is very important to have a vision of all situation of the game as from the side of Agility heroes as from the side of Intelligence heroes. So, you can find information amount them right in the blogs below:

How many heroes are there and what types we can mention?

All in all, there are 122 heroes in Dota 2 and, over time, Creators of this game – IceFrog, involve new heroes in the amount of old. To play Dota 2 better you certainly need to know all of them, core things that they can do and features to use when you play on them. It is important to understand global mechanic and skills of them to know what you can expect on the battleground.

So, creators of the game divide all heroes on three parts. One of them use strength to grow their power, one of them need to increase the amount of agility to grow it and one of them need to buy some items with the main attribute as intelligence to develop the power of their skills and damage.

Let`s have look on heroes which use strength.



AbaddonOne of the easiest heroes in Dota 2. This hero can tank a lot of damage using his skills to keep some kind of protection on him and his teammates using several skills such as Mist Coil, which dealing damage if you use it on your enemy or healing if you use it on your battleground friends. Also, dealing damage to Abaddon which can sometimes help to deny.

Second skill is Aphotic Shield which can help you to tank more damage by laying a shield that will absorb a little amount of damage you take. Also, can be laid on your ally heroes. Usually help to dive under the enemy towers.

Third skill is a passive one which give you opportunity to lay a silence after 4 hits on the enemy. Also, give a boost of attack speed to you and your allies.

Ultimate activates on button press or passively when you have a certain percentage of health. This skill transforms all damage that you get into your health. So, you can get a lot of damage and be sure you will not die.


AlchemistGood hero for farm and getting a free gold. Can easily tank a lot of damage by using his ultimate. Have a good control and damage at all.

First skill provides you an area damage with reducing enemy armor which can help you to last hit better and passively damage enemy heroes.

Second skill help you to control opponents by stunning them for several time. Also, with talents for reducing cooldown of spells and increasing of magical damage of this spell, it becomes a very nice damage dealing spell with a good stun.

Passive skill of the Alchemist provides him to get more gold from last hits he does. With every last-hit creep, he will get more and more gold. So, you can easily buy some items fast.

Ultimate gives him a good HP regen which help him to not die and be more survivable. Also, this spell reduces big amount of negative effects that can lay on you. Try this hero in public games at first.


AxeA very tanky guy who can take a lot of damage and survive. Also have a good ultimate that provide him an opportunity to kill core heroes around the map. Usually used to be an initiator.

First spell gives him a good amount of bonus armor and if enemy in the radius of the spell they will attack Axe for some time which is a good control. With this spell and some items, he can easily kill everyone.

Second spell is a debuff which deal damage to enemy hero and slow them down.

Third spell is a very good one. If someone attacks Axe there is a percentage that he will deal damage around him. This spell is good for laning against melee heroes.

Ultimate give an opportunity to kill the enemy who is under a certain percentage of health. It is very useful when you initiate to a global fight and can kill core heroes of the opponents.


BeastmasterGood player for playing with your team. You can give a good passive aura to all allies which provide you to force all moves and make a good play around the map.

First spell gives you an opportunity to though axes into enemy face and deal good physical damage by doing it. Also, it gives to enemy a debuff and if you use axes more you will increase damage taken by enemy.

With second spell you can summon animals which have several options like vision on the area, range attacks which can slow down enemies and other useful things like body blocking.

Inner Beast aura is a good passive which give your teammates and you a good boost of attack speed. Also, it helps to stay on the hard lane and be useful by denying creeps.

Ultimate – Primal Roar give an AOE stun to all of the enemies in certain area. Also, it deals damage and give an opportunity to initiate on such places as Rosh Pit and others.

This hero is a good choice to play with team and be as useful on the lane as in the late have, too.


BrewmasterAnother hero with a main attribute which is strength. Good choice for players that know how something in micro control. Good active abilities give a good start and late game at all on the stage of laning and mid and late fights.

First spell gives you an opportunity to deal al AOE magical damage which slows the enemies.

Second spell, which is Cinder Brew, is very useful against enemy carry players. If you use it, it will deal a little amount of damage and make your enemy carry miss attacks and, also, have a chance to deal damage to himself.

Third skill was reworked and now it provides a changing of move speed and, also, a good chance to deal a critical damage to opponent`s face.

Ultimate provide you an opportunity to fell apart on three spirits, which have control abilities and, also, can damage enemy. It is useful for team fights and control of the map. You can easily gank different lanes and be sure that you will help on it.


BristlebackGood tank for not only skilled players, but for those who start to play in this game. Good skills and good passives make this hero easy in play and useful in game.

First spell of Bristleback reduce enemy armor and make them run slower. It helps to control heroes who have a high move speed.

Second spell gives you an opportunity to feel like porcupine and through needles around you. Notice that if you use it several times enemy heroes will take more damage, because of stacking on them debuff.

Third skill is about reducing all income damage at all by standing by your back. It is very useful skill to tank more damage and, also, dive though towers.

Ultimate make you run faster and bite harder after you use your skills. It is a very good passive skill which can help you to catch the enemy hero in combination with first and second spells.

Centaur Warrunner

Centaur WarrunnerGood tank and lanner. His skills and passive abilities help him to lane hard and make pressure on the enemy carry. Usually this hero reserve hard lane and make his opponents suffer because if the powerful skills and control.

First spell is a stun with a range around the Centaur Warrunner. Radius of this spell is not large, so you need to buy so items like blink to reach the enemy fast and make an initiation in the fight.

Second skill is about dealing a good amount of physical damage to enemies. It is a very good feeling of blood around after this powerful skill.

This skill is a passive which provide you a chance to reduce damage and though it back. Also, in this patch you can use it to increase your attack damage by some points. A very useful one on the stage of laning.

Ultimate give you a bonus move speed which after the use is a 550. Also, give this bonus all allies on the map and deals the damage if someone run though the enemy. A very good spell for initiation with a help of all your team.

Chaos Knight

Chaos KnightNowadays meta hero who can win the game solo with a little amount of help. A very good carry with a good protection and health amount. Also, can easily fight with every hero in this game by his stun and ultimate.

First spell gives you a possibility to stun enemies with a random time in the certain interval. Also, dealing random damage to the enemy.

Second spell make you and your aim to teleport closer to each other. Also, it reduces a good amount of enemy armor which provide you to hit harder. Good combination of second and first spell.

Third skill is an active one which give you a 100% chance to deal a critical damage to the enemy and, furthermore, to have a life steal on your hit which make your hit a heavy one.

Ultimate make copies of you which have the same crits and statistics and hits hard too. Also, illusions take bigger amount of damage. If you use second spell all of illusions will charge with you.


ClockwerkGood hard lanner to play on. He can easily initiate into the fight and make the life of some heroes really hell. With a good play this hero can be a very powerful one.

First skill is a really hell for some heroes like: Anti-Mage, Invoker and Storm Spirit, because of the micro stuns which provide this skill. Also, enemy heroes take a good amount of damage which make them suffer more.

Second spell is about zoning other heroes from something. If you use it, you can block heroes inside or outside the cogs. Also, if someone will try to stay near their mana will burn and cogs will deal them a little amount of damage. Also, they can be crushed, and enemy will take the gold. Clockwerk can do it in one hit.

Third spell dealing a little amount of magical damage and give a vision on certain area, which can help you to see movements of your opponents. Try to show your team the moves around the map to prevent some skill of your allies.

Ultimate is all about initiation, Clocwerk shot his hook and fly to the enemy he hit. He deals a good amount of damage and stun the enemy for some seconds. It is a good combination of ultimate with first and second skill to close some core players and zone them from the fight.


DoomOldfag`s hero which came from the first part of this game. He is a very good hero, moreover it was reworked and now have better skills and game potential.

First skill gives an opportunity to eat creep and neutrals and take their skills and passives, which provide a good potential on the stage of laning. Also, it provides a good HP regen and opportunity to get more gold after you eat the creep. There are several good neutrals for eating like satyr or wolfs.

Second spell gives to you a good bonus move speed and area damage around Doom. It is good to initiate and make a pressure for enemy carry.

Third skill gives a hit with your blade and deal damage which is percentage of health of the enemy. Also, it stuns enemy which is good to cancel enemy teleportation.

Ultimate is a perfect thing that you can use against casters. It is a silence which deals a lot of damage to the enemy and make their items don’t work at all.

Dragon Knight

Dragon KnightA very good hero for a hard lane and a very easy to play hero at all. Have a lot of armor and opportunity to initiate though the fight. Also, have a carry potential in the late game.

First spell can help you on the stage of laning. It deals fire(magical) damage and reduce enemy`s damage on a good amount. It is very useful in the hard lane where you need to make your opponents suffer from you. With item such as Soul Ring you can easily spam this ability.

Second ability is a stun which with a use of the ultimate becomes a range one. It is a good ability to control your target and cancel some skills like blackhole and other things like teleportation.

Third passive is a good thing to survive though the game. It gives you a good amount of bonus armor and HP regen. You can max it on the lane if you feel that support of the opponent makes a pressure on you.

Ultimate have three stages while you grade it. First gives you a period damage which is a good thing on the lane to damage enemy. On the second stage you have a splash in addition to the period damage. On the third level of this ability you have a frozen attack which slows enemy`s move speed and attack speed.

It is good hero for playing solo and don’t mind about hard games. You can tank a lot of damage and, also, you can deal a lot of it. Try it.

Earth Spirit

Earth SpiritThis hero need a very high skill to play on him. Controlling all movements and placing and pushing or charging on right statues is a core thing you should know and do on this character.

Additional spell gives you an opportunity to place statues, which you need to use other spells. Therefore, right place for them is one key to play well.

With first spell, Earth Spirit pushes the stone he placed and if it hit the enemy while it moves it stun them. It is a very good spell for controlling enemy carry and other opponents, also, can be used to interrupt enemy`s casts such as Enigma`s Blackhole or grid of Shadow Shaman.

Second spell is good for ganks and initiation. Earth Spirit, like a rolling stone, moves forward and kits the first enemy. If it hits it will be slow down for a while. In addition, if he rolls trough a statue he will moves further.

Third spell have a combination with all spells of Earth Spirit and provide an opportunity to draw a stone to him back. If it hits an enemy, stone will silence him for a little period of time.

Ultimate makes all near opponents vibrate and take magical damage, which is a debuff on them. This debuff can be continued by placing a new stone near the enemy.

This hero has combos, which is hard to realize if you are beginner, and often not used even on the professional scene. Make sure you play a lot of games, learn all the moments of the play about this hero, and then go to the ranking matchmaking.


EarthshakerOne of the most popular hero among the professional players in modern and old cybersport area. It is a legendary hero with a good spells which gives him a good potential as in the early as in the late game. One of the most famous hero of the videos.

First spell gives an opportunity to place a wall of the stone, which stuns nearest enemy heroes and zones them out of something. It is a very good spell to gank or to zone some important opponent`s heroes like carry or useful supports.

Second spell gives you a power of the earth with which you hit the ground under you and micro stun all nearby area, which is not a big one. Also, increases in percentage your damage and provides you a true strike on the enemy with your massive totem. Therefore, you will be able to his though misses of such heroes as Phantom Assassin and heroes with Butterfly.

Third passive has a synergy with all spells of Earthshaker and gives a good bonus to your magic damage. If Earthshaker press the spell and near are some creeps or NPSs this passive will make waves, which will go back out of them and deal damage. Therefore, in two words, if there are a lot of enemies in the place you lay your Fissure or deal your ultimate, you will punish all heroes around.

Elder Titan

Elder TitanVery good hero for not only pro scene. Usually players take him to have a good control and powerful start of lane. Therefore, it helps against some heroes who have a lot of “white armor”.

With first spell, you will hit the ground and sleep all the enemies around in certain area. It is a good control, but if some hero hits enemy while they are sleeping, enemy will wake up. Be careful because you need some seconds to cast this ability and enemy has an opportunity to move away from the range or to interrupt your cast.

Second spell makes a spirit, which will grow your damage if you go through enemy heroes, creeps, or neutrals. In addition, if you use first spell while second is active the spirit will do the same as you and hit the ground dealing damage and sleeps the enemy.

Third ability is a passive one and it is very simple. It reduces white armor of the enemies. It is good against heroes, main attribute of whom is Agility.


HuskarNowadays meta hero who can easily push the enemy`s throne on the 20 minute. Very good mid character and can be as carry as hard lanner.

First spell deals a damage in the area near Huskar. Inner Fire, also, helps you to zone and disarm enemy heroes. It is a spell with a good damage and good opportunity to stay safe.

Second ability is a main ability with which Huskar kills all heroes on the first minutes and it is Burning Spear. It is a modified hit that deals you a little amount of damage and provides you an opportunity to though fire spears which lay a debuff on the enemy you hit. Can be stacked and very useful against melee heroes on the lane.

Third passive is a very useful one because of the attack speed and HP regen id gives to you. Therefore, if Huskar has a low health he will attack faster and has a bigger HP regen, which calculates out of your amount of, heals.

Ultimate is a good opportunity to get close to the enemy you want and deal a good amount of damage, which is a percentage of the enemy and your health. Also, deals damage as you as your aim. Provides to be on a lower health and have a good attack speed with a HP regen. You can use it to have a chance to move in or out the fight.


IoOne of the most famous heroes of the pro scene. One of the best supports for increasing damage and survivability of heroes. Very thing and week hero without the addition of the carry he will help. Loved by most part of the pro scene.

First spell gives a connection with a hero you will help/support. Increases movement speed and regenerate HP and MP to amount of your regen while you regenerate HP. Therefore, to regen HP of your teammate you need to have not full health. Also, with a talent, gives an opportunity to provide an effect of Aganim Scepter, which will boost your mate more.

Second spell summons wisps around you, which deal damage when they go through creeps and to the heroes when they hit them. Good for zoning some heroes and have a good range that you can change.

Third spell is very important to save you allies. If you have joined with a first spell and press third, you will lose your health, but instead of it, you will give a protection to your ally, which will reduce income damage to him and increase his attack speed.

Relocate help to make hanks and initiate in the fight or to help your cores run away from it. If you have a join of first spell, you will teleport with your mate to the point you want for a time and then come back. You can crush the first spell to leave your mate on the place you teleported.


KunkaAlso is one of the most legendary heroes in Dota 2, with which were maiden many scenes of rampages by one hit. It is good for a solo play if you know how to farm and click on the buttons in the right order.

First spell is a good control, but you need to place it in the right place and calculate and predict movements of your aim. You will place torrent, which will deal a little amount of damage and stun the enemy.

Second spell is a legendary thing that will help you to kill all heroes in one hit. Tidebringer deals the splash, which has additional damage in a good amount. Therefore, you need to hit the enemy and all other enemies behind will take this damage with a reduction of their armor.

Third spell is a very useful one. You can use it as on the enemies as on you to make the character get back on the place you press it. Mark is a good for you because you can place it on yourself and press teleportation. You will heal and get all the items you buy on the base and then come and fight again. If we speak about the enemy, you can combo third and first spell also with a combination of your ultimate. Be careful because of the delay of the first spell. Try it in lobby.

Ultimate is a Ghostship, which you can use on the ground and when it arrives, it will deal a big amount of magical damage and stun all enemies in the certain area. It has a synergy with a second and first spell. In addition, it provides growing of your and allies health if it go though. It is a good option to survive in the fight or to save your core players.

Legion Commander

Legion CommanderFor some reasons this hero is not good in today`s meta. On the other hand, this hero good against some other heroes like Anti-Mage and Tinker because of the ability to duel them.

First spell gives you a possibility to through spears in the certain area that you choose which deal damage and multiply by the number of units you hit by this ability. Also, provides you a good move speed bonus.

Second spell is good for fights and save as well. It dispels almost all debuffs that you suffer from, also can be laid on other allies. Furthermore, it gives bonus attack speed and additional healing.

Third spell is the best for laning and dueling people because of the chance to hit with a counterattack that will be modified by a big percentage life steal and double attack.

Ultimate, which is a Duel, will make your opponent fight with you and attack only you for some time and this hero will not be able to use spells or items. When someone wins the duel he gets additional damage as a buff for all game, this buff cannot be dispelled. Skill has a good synergy with item, which is Blade Mail.


LifestealerGood hero as carry as in the jungle. One of the most legendary heroes that won some core games on the main events such as International. Good with supports on easy lane.

First spell gives you some kind of Black King Bar and gives you immunity to abilities of the opponents. It is very good because it has not a long cooldown, so you can use it quite often and it will be the same time of buff on you. Furthermore, gives you a bonus attack speed.

Second passive is good for staying safe on lane with a high percentage of health. Also, very useful to farm jungle. It gives you a life steal, which calculates like a percentage of the maximum health of the enemy. Can be quite useful against characters who have a lot of HP.

Third spell give an additional percentage of the life steal and makes enemy run slower which is amazing for catching some opponents. In addition, you can easily survive in the mass fights by using first and third spell.

Ultimate gives you an opportunity to infest some creep or neutral, which will be under your control. In addition, you may not control creep and be invisible for enemies. Can help to avoid some spells and stuns. Really good to roam if you will infest in some hero.


LycanOne of the legendary heroes that shows the fastest games ever been in Dota 2. With this hero you can push enemy`s throne on the 20 minute from the beginning. It is very powerful in the team play because of the mobility he has.

First spell summons wolfs which can deal damage to the enemy. With a grade of the ability will bite harder and have invisibility and critical damage. Very useful if you want to farm jungle or farm some lanes where you can do this.

Second spell provides a boost for all summoned units and heroes in your team which gives them additional damage and HP. It is very good because you can use it and help your teammates even of you are not in the team fight.

Third spell is an aura, which gives to Lycan bonus damage in percent of his damage now and bonus HP regen that helps to stay safe on the lane. In addition, you can farm jungle easily with this spell.

Ultimate is very good for team fights and pushing. It makes you become a wolf, which has 550 move speed, and gives this move speed to all units that you summon or make with a Dominator or Necronomicon. Furthermore, it gives you critical chance which is very good as for pushing as for fights.


MagnusOne of the top heroes for team play in Dota 2. Very good initiator who has a good abilities to control enemies, buff allies and deal damage. Very useful in all stages of the game.

First spell deal magical damage and knock enemy to you. It is amazing ability to deal damage to the enemy carry on the early stage of the game. Also, can be used to control movement of the enemy.

Second spell is a buff, which is a splash with a bonus damage. Also good, for farming as in the jungle as on the lane. Also good for boosting your allies to give them an n opportunity to farm more. Splash is actual only for melee heroes.

Third spell is good in combination with the ultimate. With this spell, you moves forward and takes with you all enemies that you face. You deal them damage and micro stun them.

Ultimate is one of the most team play abilities in the whole game. It provide u to catch all enemies in the certain radius. You will stun them and deal them a damage. Then you can use third spell to continue stunning them. All enemies will get damage if you use some AOE or splash.

Night Stalker

Night StalkerOne of the heroes who was dead for several patches. Now, in the Update 7.20, this hero can be picked to have a good vision in the night and a good silence, which is lay longer in the night on the opponents. Good hard laner or roamer.

First ability gives you opportunity to deal good amount of magical damage and slow down enemies for a while. Also, it provides a micro stun which can be used to cancel enemy`s teleportation or casts.

Second spell will help you against casters and heroes whom spell is very annoying or dealing a lot of damage. This spells laid silence on your enemy and makes them to miss their attacks.

Third spell now is a passive which gives you an opportunity to see further at night. Also, gives you bonus attack speed, which will help you to farm faster. This passive works only at night or in the ultimate of this hero.

Ultimate makes everything become black and make night started. Also with your third spell you can fly. With this spell, you can continue night or start it a little bit later. Good for team fights because it reduces enemy`s vision.


OmniknightOne of the legendary supports of all time, which was played by many famous professional players. Good for supporting with a good carry which need heal on the lane. Also, perfect for team fights.

First spell gives you an opportunity to feel like a holy paladin and heal your allies. In addition, all enemies near the ally you will heal will take a little amount of magical damage, which is comfortable on the lane stage.

Second spell gives you a good dispel and them provides you resistance of debuffs and regen. It is very good because you can dispel a lot of skills like stuns, poisons and other.

Third spell is a passive, which have an effect of Venom orb. With every your heat to the enemy you will slow down him. It is good for making suffer some melee hard lanners or supports.

Ultimate provides all allies in the certain area around you, which is 1200, Immunity to physical damage at all. Only two things that can hit you is pure and magic damage. It is very good for team fights and for saving your carry player.


PhoenixNowadays mete hard lanner, which has a very long history, which begins in Dota 1. This hero has a very specific gameplay. If you want to play on this hero, be ready to suffer for first games because of difficulties with ability to survive. But with a time you will be better on this hero.

First spell, which is Icarus Dive help you to initiate and gives you an option to fly for some distance and back. You should remember that you could cancel this movement in the point you want. So, you can as initiate with continue of your ultimate, as runaway to stay alive.

Second spell is a ray, which deals damage to you and your enemies and heals every ally, which is in it. This ability is good for damaging and saving and, also provides you a possibility to fly over the high grounds and trees.

Third spell takes your health and gives you some fire spirits, which you can though to the certain area you choose. If it hits some enemy heroes, it will slow down their attack speed and deal them a good magic damage.

Ultimate is a reincarnation of Phoenix. He makes an egg and deals damage to all enemies in the radius around while falling down. When ultimate end, all enemies who are in the radius will be stunned. A number of hits can crush this egg.


PudgePudge is a legendary hero, which was one of the first in Dota history. It won first International and be the most famous hero. By his name people understand that that is Dota. Favorite hero of the legendary players of Na`Vi – Dendi.

First spell is a meat hook, which you can though, and catch an enemy. You will pull heroes to you and have a synergy of second spell and ultimate. Deals a lot of pure damage and cancel teleportation.

Second ability is a Rot, which is AOE damage around you. It is a magical damage, so such an items like Hood of Defiance or Pipe can reduce it. It is a good combination with first spell to deal more damage.

Third skill is a passive one, which gives you a stack of meat with every death nearby Pudge. It gives you additional HP and HP regen, which can make you more tanky along the game.

Ultimate is a Fresh Meat, which is a stun with a good damage for a good time. In addition, it can be used through Black King Bar. It is very useful to cancel enemy cast or teleportation.

Sand King

Sand KingA hero with a good attributed and their increasing along the game. Good for team fights because of the stun and good ultimate, which will help you to control everything in the fight.

First spell gives you an opportunity to stun enemy from a long distance. Enemy will be stunned for a long time, so you and your teammates will have a time to kill your target.

Second spell is good for farming on the hard lane and in the jungle. It provides an area damage making a sand storm, where you are invisible. Also, have a good synergy with ultimate and third passive.

Thirst passive is a good option to stay against melee carry on the hard lane. When you hit creeps for the ending of debuff they will blow. If creep dies passive will work, too.

Ultimate is a good opportunity to change the end of the fight. You can initiate with a prepared ultimate and deal a lot of magical damage to all enemy heroes in the area around you. Be careful with not cancel while you preparing ultimate.


SlardarNowadays Meta and broken hero, which has a good percentage of wins/loses. Good for hard lane where he can stay with a little help of support or second hard lanner. Try it if you want to.

First spell give a good increment of your move speed. Good for initiating and catching enemy for kills. In addition, we need to mention that Slardar moves much more fast while he moves on the river in the middle of the map.

Second ability provides you an opportunity to control enemy with a stun, dealing them a good amount of magical damage. Good for initiating and controlling core players of the enemy team.

Third passive is a great spell with a carry potential. It provides a bush attack every fourth attack you make. Have a good additional damage and can be used to have a stun with a first hit you will deal to enemy by stacking it to three. With a high attack, speed you can stun lock your enemy.

Ultimate gives you an ability to debuff your enemies reducing their armor and giving a vision of their moves and position on the map. Be sure you laid this debuff on core players to see them in fight and have additional information.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit BreakerOne of those heroes that you should be scary about on the map. Hero has a very high speed with an ability, which will help him to gank you all over the map. It is good to put ward on key points against him.

First spell give you an opportunity to feel like a bull. You can charge on every enemy hero, creep or neutral that you can see and run with a very high speed to it. Synergy of first and third ability will provide a good damage.

Second spell is and active ability, which you can use to boost your move speed for a certain percentage. It is good for dealing more damage with a help of third passive. If you deal damage, you also bush your enemy.

Third passive converts you move speed to a magical damage that you can deal with a certain chance. If you move speed is increased by your first ability or second ability you will deal more damage. Also, can be boosted by other abilities like Surge of Dark Seer.

Ultimate gives you another option to stun/bush your enemy, but with a 100% chance. You also deal a lot of magical damage and trough opponent for a short distance.


SvenOne of the strongest carry heroes in whole game. He can easily farm all the jungle and lane with a help of his passive. Also, have options to stun and save teammates.

First spell gives you a chance to stun your enemy and deal them magical damage. Time of the stun can be increased by the first spell of Bane. In addition, a talent can reduce cooldown of this ability. Ability is very good for catching your enemy and initiation.

Second passive gives you a splash damage, which is one of the most powerful splashes in the game. With this spell, you can win team fights by hitting several enemies in one time. Have a good synergy with item – Echo Sabre.

Third spell gives you a shield, which you can be laid on you and nearby standing allies. It will give you a reduction of several amount of damage. In addition, it will increase your move speed. With this spell and several items like Sange&Yasha and Phase Boots, you will be able to run with 550 movement speed.

Ultimate is one of the most powerful skills in the game and gives you bonus strength and increment of the damage. It will help you to hit all enemies with a second passive as hard as you can imagine.


TidehunterA very good hard lanner with one of the most powerful ultimate in whole game. It can easily control a big amount of heroes and tank a lot of damage in the same time. Very good for team players.

First spell deals a good amount of magical damage and reduces enemy`s armor. Furthermore, it slows them down, which will help your team to catch cores of opponent team. Spell has a little cooldown, so you can use it quite often.

Second spell provides an opportunity to tank more damage. It is a passive ability, which reduces a good amount of damage in the way of blocking it. This spell works in the same way as works such items like Stone Shield and Vanguard.

Third spell is an AOE splash with a physical damage that you deal around you. It is your base damage in addition with a bonus damage that provides you this spell. It is very good for farming jungle or lane. Furthermore, this spell reduces damage of the enemies that you hit by it.

Ultimate is a global spell that stuns all enemies in a good radius around you, which provides good opportunity to team fight with less cost for your team. It is good because it is a mass control spell. In the time of stun, you can reduce armor and damage of cores by using first and third spell.


TimbersawOne of the favorite heroes of the most famous professional players like Miracle-, Abbed and others. He is a good tank and good hard lanne, who can stay against melee cores and some of range. Especially good against heroes with main attribute which is strength.

First spell deals magical damage around you and gives debuff to your enemies whom you hit. Debuff reduces the amount of main attribute which can help you to stay more comfortable against the. It crushes trees.

Second spell is a hook with which you can pull yourself to the trees and deal magical damage on the way you pulling. It is a good combination of second spell with the first one, which you can use, while you pulling. It crushes trees.

Third spell is a passive, which will give you a bonus armor and HP, regen if enemy hits you. It will help you to stay on the lane safer and with full HP and punish their core player. In addition, with this spell you can dive under the towers.

With ultimate, you will be able to through Chakram, which will damage all enemies on the way. We should mention that Chakram deal more damage when it hits and pulls to you back. Use it to kill the core players, especially in the early game.


TinyA very popular hero on the professional scene. This hero has a good options to control and remove opponent`s heroes in the fight and, also has an opportunity to tank a lot of damage and initiate fight of your team.

With a first ability, you can stun your enemies with Avalanche. This spell deals a lot of damage and have a bonus magical damage, which multiplies with using first and second spells in the same time on the same hero.

Second spell is good because of the possibility to replace enemy heroes in the fight. You can through enemies to your team and have an easy kill of one of the opponents. In addition, it deals a good magical damage.

Third spell, which is a Tree Grab, will provide you to use trees to have additional damage and splash attack for several hits. With a grade of this ability, you will be able to use it more often.

Ultimate makes you grow up and be more powerful. It gives you bonus damage and health, which will help you to deal more damage and be able to survive. Works good with such an item like Echo Sabre and Shadow Blade.

Treant Protector

Treant ProtectorGood melee support and roamer that has control and save abilities. Good hero for team fights and saving teammates. With his ability, he can heal even towers, which provides a good anti-push potential.

First spell provides invisibility while he is standing near the trees. When you his someone from this invisibility you have additional damage and roots which cancel teleportation and casts.

Second spell deals a good period damage, which slows your target. In addition, this spell lay debuff on you aim which heal you and your teammates nearby periodically.

Third spell heals allies and gives them a protection for several hits out of opponents. It is useful to avoid some hits from cores. In addition, you can heal towers and creeps, which is useful to defend your base.

Ultimate provides you to root all enemies in the area around you in certain radius. It is useful to control heroes in the mass fight and help your team to focus some heroes.

With Aganim Scepter, you will be able to mark trees and have a vision near them. These trees can be find only with Sentry Wards or Gem of True Sight.


TuskAlso a good roamer for playing and helping team around the map. With new Update, it becomes more popular and useful to pick this hero because of good abilities, which help to control and increase damage taken by enemies.

With first spell, you can easily gank from the first level. It deal damage and, also through shards which will zone your opponent. Very useful to catch mid lanner and help your teammate to feel more comfortable.

Second spell is an ability to stun and catch opponents. In addition, you deal a good amount of damage and can combine second and first spells to be more effective. In addition, you can dodge some spell with this ability.

Third spell is an active ability, which gives bonus damage to all allies in the area near you for opponents who is in this area, too. Also, slow down enemies, so it will be quite easy to punish them.

Ultimate is a 100% chance critical damage with a good multiplier of damage. You also can control for a while your enemy because of the animation of punching. This ability also provides slowing down of enemies.


UnderlordVery useful hero who can stay on the hard lade and punish enemy`s heroes. It is quite easy to play this hero and everyone can do this. In addition, he is very tanky so you can survive in the team fights for sure.

First spell is an AOE, which helps to keep opponents in pressure. You deal a magical area damage in a good radius.

Second spell is about control enemies. You can easily root heroes it the area you choose for some seconds. This spell also can help against invisible heroes because of detecting opportunities.

Third spell is a passive, which gives you a reduction of damage, and bonus damage, which calculates in the way of died creeps near.

Ultimate can help you to teleport all allies’ heroes in the area around you in the point that you will mark. It could be creeps and buildings. So, you can make sudden surprise to your opponents.


UndyingOne of the most powerful hard lane heroes that can punish almost every core in the game. With his abilities, he can survive for a long time and make suffer both lanners in the same time.

First spell give you an opportunity to steal enemy`s strength by using this spell. You use in on the certain area which will give you a possibility to steal it from several opponents. It increases your HP and damage.

Second spell deal damage to the opponent or heal the ally, which you choose. Heal or damage amount calculates with number of NPS around the chosen one.

Third spell is a Tomb, which slows down all enemies in the area near it and summons zombies that will attack all heroes near it. It is a very good spell for team fights.

Ultimate makes you a big zombie. You will get additional HP, HP regen and area damage, which is a percent of your maximum health. It is looks like graded Radiance. It is very powerful in team fights, so be brave to survive.

Wraith King

Wraith KingOne of the famous heroes of Dota 2. It is good for beginner players, which want to play carry. It can excuse some mistakes by his ultimate and ability to stun and so on.

First spell gives you a stun, which deal a little amount of damage, and has periodical damage then. Has a short cooldown, so you can control many enemies in the fight.

Second spell is an aura, which gives all around allies and you a percentage of life steam. It is good for farming lane safe and be free in jungle.

Third spell is a chance to hit with a critical damage. In addition, when you hit with a critical damage, you stack buff and then you can summon an army of skeletons.

Ultimate is a wonderful thing. It makes King has a second life. So, is you have enough mana, you will have two life instead of one. It works like Aegis. Furthermore, you can upgrade this skill with a talent and an opportunity to stun all nearby enemies.