Forge of Masters WePlay! Season 2 Regular

From: 15-11-2019To: 18-11-2019
Season Phase: Regular
Teams: 4
Venue: WePlay! Esports Arena, Kiev

Upcoming Forge of Masters WePlay! Season 2 Regular match betting odds

At present time are no scheduled esports matches where you could make a bet.

Teams Attending

Copenhagen Flames Denmark
Vainox Gaming European Union
GamerLegion Sweden
Windigo Gaming Ukraine
Nemiga gaming Belarus
DreamEaters Russia
Sprout Germany
ex-Epsilon European Union
Winstrike Russia
Natus Vincere Junior CIS
HellRaisers Ukraine
Syman Gaming CIS
Illuminar Gaming Poland
Heretics France Poland
Smash European Union
Espada Russia
pro100 Ukraine
Team Unique Russia
forZe Russia
Gambit Youngsters Russia
Tricked Esport Denmark
Aristocracy Poland
Hard Legion Russia
Phoenix European Union