LPL Series

League of Legends
No scheduled or ongoing LPL League of Legends tournaments

LPL Complete Seasons

Spring 2020 China
From: 13-01-2020To: 03-05-2020
Prize Pool: $500,000
Teams: 17
Venue: The Hub(虹桥天地), Shanghai
Winner: JD Gaming
2nd Place: Top Esports
3rd Place: FunPlus Phoenix
Online Scrims League 2020 China
From: 26-02-2020To: 01-03-2020
Teams: 5
Venue: Online
Winner: JD Gaming
2nd Place: Suning
3rd Place: Top Esports
Summer 2019 China
From: 01-06-2019To: 07-09-2019
Prize Pool: $520,000
Teams: 16
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai
Winner: FunPlus Phoenix
2nd Place: Royal Never Give Up
3rd Place: Top Esports Challenger

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