Overwatch Tournaments

Overwatch Contenders
The Gauntlet 2019 Korea
From: 09-10-2019To: 14-10-2019
Prize Pool: $250,000
Teams: 10
Venue: Giga Arena, Seoul
Tier: Major
Winner: Element Mystic
2019 Season 2 Korea Korea
From: 25-06-2019To: 02-09-2019
Prize Pool: $200,000
Teams: 8
Venue: Seongnam Indoor Arena, Seongnam
Tier: Major
Winner: RunAway
Overwatch League
2019 Season 2 United States
From: 14-02-2019To: 30-09-2019
Prize Pool: $5,000,000
Teams: 20
Venue: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia
Tier: Premier
Winner: San Francisco Shock

Overwatch Tournaments – Leagues, Series and Biggest Esports Events

Released in 2016, Overwatch became an extremely popular online multiplayer project. The game by Blizzard Entertainment gained a huge fan base quickly, and turned into a serious esports discipline soon after its appearance on the market.

The balance that the creators found between genres, allowed offering a really unique exemplar of competitive gaming project. Nominally, Overwatch is a first person shooter. Nevertheless, MOBA elements have critical impact onto its gameplay. In can be said that concepts introduced by Blizzard started a new type of FPS games.

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Overwatch: The Top Esports Discipline History

Overwatch is of the youngest esports disciplines – Blizzard released their FPS MOBA game on May 24, 2016. But not many people know that the history of this successful game began with the death of another project. In spring 2013, six years of hard work by designers and developers were wasted: the project Titan that was planned to become the flagship game of Blizzard was cancelled.

Overwatch started with the rebirth. Since the very beginning, developers knew the leading concept they wanted to realize. The game was a funny first-person shooter. The esports and betting popularity came along with the fame after the release. Nowadays, Overwatch holds many tournament series and season events in professional competitive gaming.

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