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LoL Premier
01:00 PM Wednesday, 01-04-2020
Royal Never Give Up
Victory Five
+3 Y.Coins | Bet 12 hours before the start on Royal Never Give Up
RNG wins. While Victory Five is placing last on the tournment, not even to pull out some 1-2 defeats, RNG is playing well, Betty is rep[...]
11:00 AM Wednesday, 01-04-2020
Vici Gaming Potential
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 10 hours before the start on eStar
eStart wins, they have been showing some high level league of legends, placing 1st, beated current top worlds winner. They have all the[...]
08:00 AM Wednesday, 01-04-2020
Dominus Esports
LNG Esports
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 7 hours before the start on LNG Esports
II think it tends to be a easy win to LNG, since Dominus have been playing really bad, not even been able to win 1 game in the last 7 m[...]

LoL Premier
11:00 AM Wednesday, 01-04-2020
KT Rolster
+20 Y.Coins | Bet 10 hours before the start on KT Rolster
Griffin has been losing to every single team of the tournment. Viper(Griffin ADC) is not been able to carry his teamates. KT has been p[...]
08:00 AM Wednesday, 01-04-2020
Sandbox Gaming
+24 Y.Coins | Bet 7 hours before the start on DragonX
Tough match, even that sandbox has recently beat down Afreeca Freecs, i don't think they have enough to beat DragonX. Very slow ea[...]