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02:00 AM Tuesday, 21-07-2020
Thunder Logic
Third Impact
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 20 days before the start on Thunder Logic
thunder logic is coming from the upper bracket and has a 1-0 map adv and this is a bo5 grand final matchup. this is for an esea mdl sea[...]
05:00 PM Monday, 20-07-2020
Team Singularity
SJ Gaming
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 19 days before the start on Team Singularity
this is a bo3 and r16 match. SJ is favorite by hltv. singularity has the 5 map advantage over SJ. SJ has lost 5 straight. singularity h[...]
02:00 PM Monday, 20-07-2020
Unicorns Of Love
Izako Boars
+84 Y.Coins | Bet 19 days before the start on Izako Boars
this is a bo3 on a round of 16. izako looks favorite because they have the adv on 4 maps to unicorns of love 1 map advantage. izako has[...]
02:00 PM Monday, 20-07-2020
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 19 days before the start on Ocean
Although the favorite team is Blaze, Ocean also has his chance to win this match after losing to the same opponent, they are a good tea[...]

Overwatch Premier
01:00 AM Monday, 20-07-2020
Boston Uprising
Los Angeles Valiant
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 19 days before the start on Boston Uprising
Boston Uprising has had nine losses in its last ten games and only managed to win 3-2 against los angeles gladiators during that period[...]

Overwatch Premier
11:00 PM Sunday, 19-07-2020
Atlanta Reign
Florida Mayhem
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 18 days before the start on Atlanta Reign
Atlanta Reign has won two of their last three games and in the previous round they lost 3-2 against Toronto Defiant in a game that they[...]
09:00 PM Sunday, 19-07-2020
Paris Eternal
Toronto Defiant
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 18 days before the start on Toronto Defiant
Toronto have won three of their last four games and they are a team capable of giving big surprises against more powerful rivals and th[...]
06:00 PM Sunday, 19-07-2020
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 18 days before the start on beastcoast
Beastcoast has looked significantly stronger compared to CR4ZY. CR4ZY's only win was against Infamous. I am taking Beastcoast to w[...]

LoL Major
05:00 PM Sunday, 19-07-2020
Royal Youth
Team Aurora
+66 Y.Coins | Bet 18 days before the start on Team Aurora
on the table two worst teams in split and of course none of these two teams is going to contest for playoff they are playing for pride [...]
08:30 PM Tuesday, 07-07-2020
Illuminar Gaming
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 6 days before the start on Illuminar Gaming
The two teams have faced each other several times in the past few months. Illuminar has been in better form recently and even won their[...]