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12:00 PM Tuesday, 15-09-2020
TNC Predator
Neon Esports
+165 Y.Coins | Bet 14 days before the start on TNC Predator
Base on my opinion im gonna go with TNC Predator statistically. Having a consecutive win, TNC Predator they also improved their rotatio[...]
08:00 AM Monday, 14-09-2020
TNC Predator
+161 Y.Coins | Bet 13 days before the start on TNC Predator
Fnatic is a very good team but having a new line up they are still on adjustment so im gonna give this to TNC Predator base on team che[...]
12:00 PM Sunday, 13-09-2020
Motivade.Trust Gaming
0 Y.Coins | Bet 12 days before the start on Execration
Team execration has an advantage here base on experience (Games Played) - but its a must watch game here considering Motivade.Trust Gam[...]