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07:00 AM Saturday, 04-07-2020
Lucid Dream
Invictus Gaming
+20 Y.Coins | Bet 3 days before the start on Invictus Gaming
It's easy for ig as they are a much better team and are more composed so I'd say go bet for Invictus gaming they are the bett[...]
12:55 PM Wednesday, 01-07-2020
Nemiga Gaming
Team Unique
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 11 hours before the start on Team Unique
This is easy for team unique they are the favourites in this match! They have shown dominance till now so they are to win this
10:00 AM Wednesday, 01-07-2020
Royal Never Give Up
iG Vitality
+11 Y.Coins | Bet 9 hours before the start on Royal Never Give Up
This bet is awfully easy come on first cdec vs ig.vitality now rng vs ig.vitality it is very clear ig.vitality will not win either of t[...]
03:55 PM Tuesday, 30-06-2020
Family Team
Team Empire
+44 Y.Coins | Bet 29 days before the start on Team Empire
Team empire the brother team of team empire hope so here is the facts team empire is a tier 2 team everyone will agree with me and they[...]
01:00 PM Tuesday, 30-06-2020
Royal Never Give Up
Sparking Arrow Gaming
-100 Y.Coins | Bet 29 days before the start on Sparking Arrow Gaming
SAG has time and time again shown that they are not ready to lose to the big Chinese dota 2 teams so here I go for SAG because they are[...]
10:00 AM Tuesday, 30-06-2020
CDEC Gaming
iG Vitality
+8 Y.Coins | Bet 29 days before the start on CDEC Gaming
This is the easiest bet I've ever seen so I'm not getting into too much details here trust me blindly bet on cdec they are mu[...]
09:00 PM Sunday, 28-06-2020
Quincy Crew
4 Zoomers
+55 Y.Coins | Bet 27 days before the start on Quincy Crew
Quincy crew has shown time and time again that they are one of the top NA teams if not the best. I had my doubts on them but they alway[...]
03:00 PM Sunday, 28-06-2020
Team Liquid
Team Secret
+26 Y.Coins | Bet 27 days before the start on Team Secret
It's going to be team secret as they are too strong and they will want revenge from liquid now so I would suggest everyone to bet [...]