What can help you to get better in betting and “look in future”?


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Today with again your faithful vassal – SirAzAzeL. With growing of interest to the theme about bets and worldwide situation of esports` disciplines, we decided to make some more blogs about this new kind of entertainment. It is very massive part of nowadays life of every man and a woman in today’s world. We see a lot of information which can help us or entertain us.

For some understandable reasons people who place bets all over the world want to get more and more money, so they need to know some information about how you can increase you winning ability on every site in the internet while you placing bets on some esports disciplines. It is very useful knowledge which I got some years ago and want to share this knowledge with you. There will be as some advises with which you will be able to place more guarantee bets on sites such are good for betting.

Enjoy this information and use it for placing better bets and get much more money. Hope this blog will be useful for you and you will get good knowledge about how you can bet better.

Understanding of “betting better”

There are a lot of phrases that can be translated to your mind in several ways. All in all, it is important for our mind to have larger description of some words or some larger context to understand what people mean by saying some words. In addition, for some reasons people can have misunderstanding with each other, so we need to define these words to make it clear for everyone what we want to discuss in this blog.

Understanding of betting better

All in all, it is important to increase your abilities and skills which you already have. Usually you go to some courses or conferences to increase your understanding of some micro or macro thing in certain subject that you choose to know well. For this reason we want to increase your ability to place bets and be more sure in your bet. In two words, we want to increase your income which you will get from you bets that you will place on different sites.

Betting better is an ability to predict some situation in which this or that team can be while they are playing some main or less important tournament all over the world. This ability will give you an opportunity to “see the future” of the certain team which is amazing ability for betting on every site that you will choose for this. Also, you will be able to give information to your friends and share with them your knowledge which is pretty cool.

Different people will understand this blog in different ways, but main think that will understand almost every human that will read this text is that he will increase his ability to win if they find some advises in these words. Read carefully and notice core information that will be given to you with this theme to increase your skill.

Bets history

Every skill or ability has its own history of grading and increasing their usage in our everyday life. Now it is common for all people to want to have more and more understanding in all aspects of their life. They want to know about their work, about things they use every day in the morning and other stuff that will give them more and more information about their life. With grading some skills they become more and more clever and productive because of the possibilities to change some things or to do them correctly. Every skill which you graded in your life gives you additional income or some more time which you can use to be productive and to be better in some other things.

All things need to be learned and ability to bet better is not an exemption. Esports is a very large sphere of nowadays life which we can learn pretty fast with a help of some resources such as internet or some statistic such as on our site. You can learn all about the team you want to bet on. You can learn all about the life of the players of that team, how often they have trains and how they go. It is very useful information which I use to place better bets.

Some of information helps me to understand some difficult situations in the cyber sport, mention some core players who play good and can win solo games even in esports disciplines. This information can give you all picture which will help you to place better bets. Also, you can learn all bets that was better previously and have good view of how often players or betters place bets on this team and in what matches. All these things give you a bet history which will help you in betting for sure. Use this library of knowledge to predict some core wins of some teams to get larger income.

In the next part of the blog we will discuss some more information about your own experience indifferent esports disciplines which is a part of bet history because of the increasing of the betting ability after this from my-self experience. It is very useful, so you can check it down below.

Does your own experience make sense?

In everyday life we need our experience to not to make some mistakes which we done earlier and be sure that this time we will do everything right. All in all, it helps us to live more comfortable and get some knowledge which will help us in future.

From the side of esports and cyber sports at all we can say that you experience in certain games can be quite useful in you betting because of the possibility to understand this game better. You will be able to analyze all strategies of professional players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 by your own. Analytics in the matches usually don’t say some things that you will understand and realize that this or that team don’t play a lot in this patch so they will be really weaker on the pro scene. Some teams are really good in improvisation, so it would be quite useful for you to understand when these global changes can be done by the creators of the game.

Does your own experience make sense

Also, you will be able to know when some teams will be better with their own strategies which they realized before on the tournaments. This updates can boost them very much, so it would be better to bet on that teams that have strategies which will be boosted by these changes.

On the other hand, we can see some teams that play well in the very late of the update when they are able to show all strategies that they make while they are playing and working with old patch. This information will be quite useful to understand when you need to place” risky” or “for sure” bets. More information about this you can find in our previous blog. Also, you will be able to learn some new from our blogs about Dota 2 heroes and new patch which his 7.20. In addition, we will provide you information about new mode in Counter-Strike: global offensive.

Check this links and get all information out of there to understand new Meta better and be able to adapt all teams to new patch. Also you will be able to find all information about nowadays teams in all games and core information about them on our site by the link. Use this information to place better bets and get better income out of these bets.

Esports betting as a type of entertainment

How often do you watch TV or scrolling you Instagram? There are a lot of different ways to entertain yourself and find some new ways of entertaining in the internet or in your phone. You can watch some films, or see some kind of sports and tournaments on theme of disciplines of sport. All in all, you are able to find something for entertaining in this wide world.

All in all, we need to increase our mobility and other spheres of our life and invent some new thing to move further and create something greater. From this point of view we can see very good ambitions of scientists who are able to change this world. But all of them want to create something good in the scientist`s sphere of life and don’t mind about comfortable living on this earth and some kinds of entertainment.

With a time passed we find some new kinds of sports and one of them is esports disciplines which we can see nowadays on every platform in you gadgets or via TV. It is very large entertainment industry which provides us new possibilities and new ways for entertainment at all. All of disciplines are played by a lot of professional teams all over the world and there are a lot of professional players in them. So, you are able to choose your favorite from the infinity of the number of teams which present all countries of the world and even combined teams with several nationals.

Esports betting as a type of entertainment

With a comfortable ways of translation of main tournament and main events from the different games, you are able to see different players and different games which you also can choose which will depends on your preferences. Try to involve yourself in this large world of good emotions and pleasure by watching some streams on such platforms as Twitch and others platforms that share with you their possibilities which will provide you good possibility to make better your time of entertainment.

Also, you are able to place bets which will increase your interest in watching some matches and give you a possibility to increase your income by doing some bets which is pretty good because of the ability to get a lot of money pretty fast. All in all, esports entertainment provide you good possibilities as to rest and watch some streams or matches of professional players and to bat on your favorite team and get some money for free.

Good massive bets or lower bets?

There is a big question in the betting sphere around such a factor of amount of bet which you will place on the site. It is very good question because of the possibility to win less or to lose more. All in all, you need to choose what amount of money you will place on the right bet and there is some tricks about this which we will show you in the next paragraph.

There are two types of betting which you need to know about in the sphere of betting. This types will help you to understand what is “For sure’ and “risky” bets and be able to define them when you need this. All in all, it is quite useful information which will help you to place better bets and have 100% chance to get more money in the end of your betting day.

With reading this blog’s you will find some information about these types of betting and know in what situations what bets you need to place.

After you will read all that information you need to know that there is some risky situations when you are not sure in both teams. In this case you need not to bet at all. It can be high percentage win rate or something like this, but from the history of plays you will be able to see that this team always loses another team.

Good massive bets or lower bets

When you get final information and you are sure that you want to place a bet on certain team you need to realize how much money you want to place. In this moment you need to understand what type of bet it is. If it is “for sure” bet you can’t place large amount of money and be certain that you will get low percent of increasing of your money. If it is “risky” bet you need to pace a little amount of money because of good percent of increasing which will give you this bet.

Good news in world of esports betting

To summarize all information we need to say that esports betting is a good chance to place good bets in a good period of time because of the possibility to do it as right before main tournament as right before main event which is a match between teams. You will be able to watch this match all over the world if you have some kind of device with you. It can be smartphone, TV or something else like laptop.

All in all, you need to know a lot of information as about betting in general as about the team you want to place bet on. It will increase your chances to get more money and minimize you loss of them. It will be quite good experience with which you will share with your friends and be able to predict almost all matches which will be played on the professional scene with famous team all over the world on each tournament.

Big industry of entertainment gets bigger and bigger and now you are able to see esports everywhere in the world.  The most massive tournaments are ready to show us greatest play of all the time which will give to us amazing emotions which you can increase with placing good bets in which you will be sure for 100%. It is very good because of different ways to rest and get pleasure with you friends while you will watch and cheer for the same team which you both like very much. It is very comfortable because you are able as to see it via you gadgets as to go and see it in real life on the greatest arenas of our world.

Try to understand all information that you got from our blogs and use it to place good bets on the sites in entire world. You are able to place amount of money which you will choose with a help of our blog and also, you will be able to get some free money while you watching the massive fight with your favorite team which will entertain you all night long. Enjoy your life and entertain yourself!

Your faithful vassal,