What is difference between “For sure” bets and “Risky bets” in esports betting?

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Today with you as always yours faithful vassal – SirAzAzeL. All of us like some kind of a sport and have their own favorite team. All in all, if people are sure in the team they like very much, they can place bets to get some easy money back. It is very useful type of entertainment nowadays. Also, you are able to win more and more if you know some strategies and some inside information which can help you to place right bet.

With passing of the time it become popular to place bets everywhere. You can see it in almost every sport which you can face in your life. Cyber sport or esports betting is young type of betting which you can try if you sure in the team you choose.

In this blog we will discuss some important information about esports betting to grade your skill of betting. All in all, you will be able to define “Risky bets” and “For sure bets”. Enjoy this information and use it in your life.

What are esports bets?

There are different types of betting. Usually type depends on sport which you use to place your bets and make some money out of it. It plays important role because of the possibilities types can give to you. Different sports can be played in different ways, so some special bets can be offered to you. For example, you can bet on the first goal from the some side in football, or on what minute it will be. It is very useful because of possibilities it can give to you. You can place several bets on one team and several for another to make some income which you will get for sure.

With growing of this industry we saw more and more kinds of sport which were included to the global number of kinds in which you can place bets. Basketball, baseball, football and even swimming – all these kind are available to place bets. So, what will be the next step in betting in the world?

Esports betting is very important part of betting which becomes more and more popular all over the world. Worldwide tournament are played in different countries and prize pools of these tournament are much larger than in old sphere of sport like tennis or swimming. Despite this fact, we can see these tournaments only on online platforms such as Twitch, GG and others. Bets are available all over the world from every part of our planet which makes this betting type the most comfortable.

Also, we need to mention that tournament in the disciplines of esports are more often phenomenon than in some kinds of sport, so you can probably make more money on it. All in all, it is very interesting new kind of betting with which you will feel more comfortable and get more money because of the “mobility” and “tournaments”. In addition, possibility to learn professional teams more gives you an opportunity to place bets which will be less risky to the mind of analytics. You can check all information about the team and all tournaments which this team won in its history which will give you pretty understandable picture of win rate and form of this team. All information you can get for free on our site by opening several teams. It is useful to understand what bet you need to place.

How you can make esports bets?

From the very beginning of the betting history all of us were able to bet only in one place. There were a lot of stores or places where you could place your money by sitting there and watching this match. It was good several years ago, but now all of us want to be in comfort and also be productive. Old type of betting was pretty annoying because of need in going somewhere and placing bets. Nowadays you can see a large difference between old time and this time. You can place bets from every part of the world from your smartphone or via your computer or laptop. It quite useful to do because of the time you can save with these actions.

esports bets world

Also, you have several opportunities to place bets that you want to make. It is very comfortable because you can choose variant that will be suitable for you. On different sites you will face different coefficients and different ways of delivering money for you bet. In this case you are able to choose in what way you want to bet and for what team you want to bet on in some clicks in your browser. Also, with some tools such as apps or special accounts that you can get on the sites. Your betting time will be much more comfortable and faster. You can previously choose matches and tournaments which you want to see and bet on.

Usually, it is very useful to place bets via your telephone or computer because you will get some information right on the site. We can deliver to you some of core information about the team, some interesting facts about them and some useful statistic that you can check and be able to place right bet in right place. Also, you are able to transfer you money out and in your MasterCard or PayPal which will increase you saving time and increase you comfort.

“Fur sure” bets in esports

There are several types of bets that you can mention while you placing bets. One of the types which are more commons is “For sure” bets which you can face almost on every tournament of esports disciplines like Dota2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG and other games disciplines all over the world. This bets are able to bet on every site, so you just need to know what bets are “For sure” bets.

These bets are usually can be betted in competition of two team one of which is very weak and other is very strong. In this case you are able to place bet on the strong team and get your money almost with 100% guarantee. It is very useful if you want to place a large amount of money and just need a little percentage of increasing your income. Usually you can get a little amount of addition income which you will get out of “For sure” betting because of the low coefficients which you can face on this bets. Usually there are coefficients like 1.2, 1.3 and up to 1.75 because of the understandable strength of opponents team.

If you know some tricks which you can use to know some information from the inside of the teams or to check this information on different sites to find the correct information it will give you an advantage in betting. It is very useful to monitor all information about the team you want to bet on because there can be some changes as in the team which you choose as in the team of their opponents. For example, it is a common problem of “Stand-ins” who are players who can play instead of some players in professional team because of inability to play one of the teammates.

You need to know all information to be sure in this bet which can be provided by statistic on the tournament or previous matches of both teams which can show you current power of the team. It can be useful to understand right fit of the team and realize your chances.

Factors that can help you

There are some key factors which can help you to win in your bets and make out of them your “For sure bets” which is very important in the betting sphere. All in all, you need to know them to don’t waste your money on the bets. Here you are some useful information about it.

First factor is about choosing right team to place “for sure bets”. All we know that there some very strong team who has a lot of training which you can monitor and which has a good history of won tournaments and matches against other very powerful teams. This team can be such as Fnatic and Astralis in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Evil Geniuses and Virtus Pro in Dota 2. These commands can be seen almost in all grand finals of all tournaments which they choose to visit. So, you can make a good notice out of it that this team is very powerful and they have very good motivation at all.

From this point let’s look on another way of thinking about “For sure” bets. You are always ready to learn some new information about the history of the team you like to bet on “For sure” bets and see all new information about reshuffles and bans which this team does for several weeks. It is very important to understand that there are no global changes in this team and they are still able to play stable and win some more tournaments easy. It is very important factor because of the possibility of team to play with each other and realize all moves of their teammates. Also, this factor will show that team is play well and don’t need any more or other people to play better or on the same level. If this information is right, be sure and bet on this team.

Factors that can help you in esports bets

The last factor is about some interest of the team to play further. It is the key to bet on the team because of the motivation that team usually has. Very important to know that team is still wants to play better and their trains are regular. We have some bad examples of good play team such as OG and Winx Gaming in Dota 2. After winning global tournament which cold International, these team become worse and worse and now play on a middle level. You will not be able to place your bets on these teams because you will know that they don’t have enough motivation.

Risky bets in esports

Another type of betting which will give you an opportunity to get much more money from one match. It is very useful ability which must be used in world of betting because of several situations your team can be. All in all, there some moment in the life of betting people when they need to get a risk and bet a large amount of money on the team with a low win rate or high coefficient on the site. It is very scary because of the possibility to lose all money that you will bet on this team. Also, it is unstable because of the circumstances in which this team can be one or two times per year.

It is very useful for people who like to find a lot of information about team which they like and on which they can bet and earn a lot of money. Only with all knowledge about the team and changes that this team faced in the past and will face in the future you can place good bet which will give you an amazing opportunity in increase you income in several times. All in all, be careful with this bets and be sure that information that you got from the sites or esports news are right and fresh. It can help you to not lose your money and win in the competition of the strong and weak team with a bet on weak team.

Risky bets in esports

There are several factors that can help you to understand when you can place such a bet and be sure on 70% that this bet will win. Here you are these factors. Keep calm and be ready to analyze all information that you will get.

Factors that can help you

There are different circumstances in which life put us and makes us to defend ourselves. Life make pressure on us and kill all our opportunities which we have, but give us something greater in the end of our challenge, In all spheres of life this rule make sense and  esports betting is not an exemption. There are different factors that teams can face in their usual life while they play tournament as in the very beginning of their way on the tournament.

First factor that strong team can face and on which we can place and get some income is their fatigue which they face along the games with every next opponent. It is very important factor which they can face because of emotional and physical weakness which they have along all games. You can understand it and place your bet if the played several games in a row. It is very good possibility for weaker team to win in this competition because of the emotional power which they will have in the very beginning. Use this tool to calculate more current results and place bets which will give you greater income.

Second factor is that in weaker team usually you can see some changes which are related with illness of one of the teammates. It is very useful tool because of the possibility of weaker team to get much stronger teammate who will give a good boost to the weaker team. There is a good example which we can mention from the tournament which was several month ego, team Vega Squadron had a “Standin” which play much more powerful that their own teammate which lead this team to the win in a good fight against much more stronger opponents. This player was “Dendi” and he showed good results on his main position – mid lane. It is very good opportunity to get big amount of money out of your bet, but you need to have all information about all reshuffles and changes in weaker team to place this bet.

The last factor is about the changing of plans. It is very common situation when you will face no-name teams which will give you good opportunities against professional team which you know up to this time. You will be able to place good bet if you will monitor all team which become better and better in this sphere. It will give you an opportunity to get good money for the first time of their play when they are not as famous as other teams. Similar story was with winner of the International – Winx Gaming which was no-name at that time and show amazing result on that tournament. Get goo knowledge about such teams and track them to have a possibility to place good bet if there will be such a chance.

Place good bets and be sure in what you will do. It is very important to know all information about the team you will bet on. Increase your income and get a lot of pleasure out of it!!!

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